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Trevor Heyd: A triple-threat life for the glory of God


Following in the footsteps of his older brother, Trevor Heyd’s skate boarding desire quickly transformed from a sixth-grade hobby to a long-term ministry to glorify his Maker.

The hobby that connected Heyd and his brother is now the common factor between him and a group of men who have since become his brothers through the sponsorship of Enemy Opposition.

According to the Enemy Opposition website, the members feel that their peers in the extreme sports industries are often neglected and overlooked groups that need the love of Christ in their lives.

“We want them [audiences] to see real people, with real lives, real pasts, real presents, in the world, average dudes redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb,” the website said.

Enemy Opposition accepts believers and nonbelievers to its team as long as they, in turn, accept the ministry in which Heyd and the current team engage. Heyd said this acceptance is similar to that of the church.

“Our church just happens to be on wheels with tattoos, long shaggy hair, and holey jeans,” Heyd said. “We are ourselves. We show people you don’t have to be perfect to find God and you don’t have to better yourself before you find God. He’ll help you better yourself after you find Him. That’s our mission. I love it a lot.”

This attitude provides Enemy Opposition with the opportunity to not only minister to people on the streets and in the skate scene but to members of its own team as well.

“I figure the world’s already got enough pastors and even if it doesn’t have enough pastors there are definitely more pastors than skateboarders and bikers and rollerbladers that are out there speaking the gospel,” Heyd said. “It’s hard to find people that are driven at extreme sports … but it’s extra hard to find people who are good at that, that passionately love the Lord. So we love to take our gifts, talents and sell them out completely, 100 percent, to the Lord.“

Over the summer, Heyd also participated in a skate tour in Buffalo, N.Y., at a large beach party fair. He also skateboarded at the Kingdom Bound Christian musical festival that also takes place in New York.

“We [Enemy Opposition] ride shows, people come watch us throw our bodies around, die, land tricks, die sometimes, land a lot of the tricks, die a lot, and that’s what attracts people,” Heyd said. “It [skateboarding] builds authority. People like it, they see that we ride good and they’ll listen to anything we say pretty much and out of no where we bust out a message.”

Between breaks at an event, a manager or rider will get up and give a message starting out with the vision and purpose of Enemy Opposition and then share the message of Jesus Christ.

Skateboarding with Enemy Opposition has opened up opportunities to illuminate Heyd’s calling to speak, which was laid on his heart in high school.


Heyd felt called to become a youth evangelist after attending a youth camp and hearing a message from an evangelist speaker during his freshman year of high school.

“He [the speaker] did everything within his power, he was not embarrassed to be crazy in order to help us, as teenagers, get the point. He stressed really hard not to care what people thought of us, the importance of reading our Bible and sharing the faith with people, just being bold,” Heyd said. “I thought to myself: ‘I can do this.’”

As a senior in high school, Heyd was given his first opportunity to share his testimony where he packed out his home church of 90 people in Jackson, Mich..

From there, Heyd enrolled in Bethany Bible College, where he took a course titled: “Extreme Discipleship.” This course required students to take 12 credit hours to provide time for short-term missions trips during the week. Through this, Heyd traveled to New York, Washington and the Atlantic District of Canada where he continually had opportunities to speak and minister.

As a Bible college student, Heyd crossed paths with street skaters whose main priorities were smoking pot and partying.

“I loved to go down and skate with them,” Heyd said.

“I had a great connection with them.”

Three and a half years into Bethany Bible College, Heyd transferred to Indiana Wesleyan University. With a multitude of events taking place during the school year, his speaking ministry has only progressed. He has spoken for campus events, local churches and been flown to Pennsylvania to share the message of Christ.

“As I grow and continue to take my biblical courses at the same time, I only continue to progress with my knowledge and my experience … that helps me progress and grow like a mad dog … MAD DOG,” Heyd said.

Beat Boxing

After coming to IWU, Heyd found himself once again taking a personal hobby and expanding it to glorify the Lord. Beat boxing was fun to Heyd and students on campus enjoyed it, but that wasn’t enough for him.

“I did the Gong Show this year and I did not want to do it without saying something about the Lord, whether I got gonged or not I was not walking off that stage,” Heyd said. “This summer my eyes were opened to a lot of things, I am no longer going to beat box to get off the stage and be the cool guy.”

Heyd is known for his beat boxing imitation of Mario or an incorporation of a harmonica into his talent around campus, but his favorite reason to beat box is not merely for entertainment but for a specific cause.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it for entertainment purposes, but I really want to glorify God the best I can with it,” Heyd said.

Last spring, Heyd performed a beat boxing segment at the event, “Breaking the Chains” which helped raise awareness of human trafficking.

“I want to be known as a beat box speaker, where beat boxing is just an icebreaker for me to gain authority with the crowd, then deliver a message about the Lord.”

Future Plans

Heyd is currently self-booking a 2011 tour for youth groups, high schools, block parities and other venues to do public and motivational speaking about God and hope, and to encourage kids through his own ministry, “Stay True Ministries.”

Even if a venue doesn’t let Heyd speak about God, he plans to encourage others, skateboard and beat box through his ministry.

“I desire to speak more than I desire to beat box — I desire to speak more than I desire to skate board — I desire that more out of all my gifts,” Heyd said. “That Future Plans is the one thing [speaking] I feel like I’m anointed with the best. I feel like beat boxing and skateboarding are talents and my gift is speaking the gospel of Christ.”

In March, Heyd plans to move to Nashville, Tenn., with the manager of Enemy Opposition to expand the team’s ministry.

IWU will say goodbye to Heyd at the end of this semester but Heyd is more than excited to end his sixth year of college and pursue the journey he envisioned when he first graduated from high school.

“I’m not ready to start changing the world. I started that, years ago. That’s what I think everyone should do. We shouldn’t say, ‘I’m going to change the world.’” Heyd said. “Presently, currently whether you’re sheltered in a bubble at IWU or not, we already are changing the world. We’re doing it as long as our hearts are right with the Lord.”

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