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Students respond to cheese charge in Wildcat

By Jeremy Sharp and Lauren Sawyer

Students stood outside Wildcat Express today to hand out free American cheese slices. The handouts were in response to Wildcat’s recent decision to charge 30 cents for cheese on hamburgers.

Josh Campbell (sr) came up with the idea Thursday night, and showed up in front of Wildcat at noon on Friday, free cheese in hand.

“It was just one of those things where the fact that they’re charging 30 cents for cheese is so outlandish and pointless to me,” Campbell said. “We’re just making a statement and raising awareness about how foolish it is.”

Josh Johanson (sr), who went to Wildcat for a burger, got a slice of cheese on his way out.

“You can get cheese in the sub line and it’s no extra cost, but for some reason it costs over in the burger line which makes absolutely no sense,” Johanson said “The free cheese is nice but it’s also just the fact that it’s needed is ridiculous.”

By 12:45 p.m. this afternoon, the students had passed out a pack and a half of cheese.


A.J. Hoke (sr), left, Josh Campbell (sr), center, and Rob Clarkson (sr), right, hold signs and pass out cheese outside Wildcat Express.

“Students have either given us weird looks or been very, very happy about it and gotten a burger just to support the cause,” said Rob Clarkson (sr), who passed out cheese. “We had a few people from Pioneer talk to us and most of them have been in support of it because they’re not really in charge of things. If you’re paying between seven and nine dollars for a meal, you should probably get cheese with it.”

Campbell said he might come back for the dinner rush tonight.

Pioneer management staff could not be reached for comment, but student supervisor Alyssa Baldwin (jr) said she agreed with the protesters’ cheese giveaway.

“I think it’s great, but unfortunately I’m not in charge of that whole ordeal, that’s more higher authority than me,” Baldwin said. “If I had the decision I would say not to charge extra for cheese because we never had to before.”

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5 Responses to “Students respond to cheese charge in Wildcat”

  1. Joel Leonard says:

    Wow, this is a great idea! I’m glad I don’t go to IWU anymore because I would have been really upset. I don’t have any money haha.

  2. Sam Mithoefer says:

    If we can go to Bladwin, and put as much cheese as we want on our burger, why do we have to pay 30 cents extra to have one slice of cheese on our burger at Wildcat?

  3. Libby Keefe says:

    I am sad at the direction IWU is going, but am also starting to wonder if there are some deeper financial troubles going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of. Look around you IWU students, how many of your classmates disappeared during the summer and at the beginning of this year. It might shock you that most of us, including myself, had to leave because IWU left no other option for the students who needed the financial aid that was once given. I hope that nothing is seriously wrong and that God will protect the school and hedge it in from those who would seek to do the university harm.

    That being said, I think that it is great that some students are making a stand at IWU for something that the students would like to see. Although Aaron Morrison was elected as the SGA president, he will move based on what the student’s want. When the school sees that Aaron is not just saying something, but that there are actually several students who agree, they will begin to do something. Also, I think this is a great way for students to learn about how to peacefully protest something that is going wrong. In today’s society, this seems like a lost art. Peaceful protesting should be encouraged by the administration!! I’m glad that Aaron Morrison and others are trying to show students how to take a peaceful stand for something they believe would make their environment a better place.

    Also, Monopolies are not a good idea. I wish the administration, who know this truth, would not turn a blind eye to it and would try to make the school a better place too.

    I understand that switching from pioneer would be virtually impossible at this point, but a ten year contract? I don’t know, but it sounds like something is rotten in denmark… where is all the money going that came from the meal plans student’s have already purchased. hmm… perhaps too many students were forced to leave and pioneer lost that money? I wonder if this issue is even deeper than pioneer… just something that has crossed my mind…


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