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Thrifting Marion

It doesn’t matter if you are a broke college student or if you are just going for that hipster vibe — sometimes the best deals come secondhand. For Indiana Wesleyan University students, Marion, Ind., provides several places to find a bargain. Here are a few of the best local thrift stores Marion has to offer.


Best Item to Buy: Clothes. If you are looking for everyday wear, then Goodwill has the best options. From T-shirts to basic jeans, Goodwill has racks of clothes from which to choose. You might have to sift through bad ‘80s fashion to find something truly worthwhile, but Goodwill has been known to be the holder of great vintage coats, skirts and jackets.

Deals: Periodically, everything in the store will be 50 percent off. Goodwill also has a selected color of the week, and during the month of August, college students get 20 percent off when they show their school ID.

Extras: Goodwill is the best place to find your costume for The Hunger Games premiere.

What you can get for $10. A complete outfit: T-shirt, shorts and a hoodie.

Location: 3164 South Western Ave., Marion, IN 46953

Marion Mission Mart

Best Item to Buy: Housewares. If you need dishes or a blender, then The Grant County Mission Mart would be your store. The Mission Mart doesn’t have a huge selection, but it has things that match.

What you can get for $5: You can pretty much get a table setting.

Extras: The Mission Mart also has a lot of small trinkets, making it a great place to locate a gag gift or something that says, “I love mom.”

Location: 1551 S Western Ave., Marion, IN 46953

Hidden Treasures

Best Item to Buy: Books. You will have to look through stacks and stacks of books, and there are some books that have damage, but Hidden Treasures is always adding to its selection.

Deals: For the remainder of March, Hidden Treasures has 50 percent off days, plus several other money-saving deals.

Extras: The store has a good selection of vintage purses and ties.

What you can get for 81 cents: Three books: “A Girl Named Zippy,” “The Pearl,” and any type of devotional you might want.

Jake’s Antiques

Best Item to Buy: Toys, antiques and jewelry. If you happen to collect vintage toys or if you like antiques, then you should check out Jake’s. The store also has a lot of furniture and books for sale.

Extras: If you need a life-size Native American statue, Jake’s has one.

Location: 1440 Winona Ave., Marion, IN 46952-2405

Other Places to Check Out
Marion Flea Market: 3316 South Nebraska St., Marion, IN 46953
The Unorganized Bookstore: 3602 South Washington St., Marion, IN 46953
Paperback Peddlers: 4711 South St., Marion, IN 46953
Mick’s Flea Market: 212 East Main St., Gas City, IN 46933

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