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Halfway Home

I try to be a funny guy. Maybe I’m failing, but I keep trying nonetheless. I’m not a big fan, however, of when I’m funny without meaning to be. Unfortunately for my ego, that’s what my non-sports opinion pieces for The Sojourn have been: downright laughable.

My first misguided attempt at an advice column came less than a month into my college career. At that point I offered about as much helpful insight as a Magic 8 Ball. This year, I tried my hand at being meaningful at a time when my life was in about as much disarray as it’s ever been. Mix in a piece trying to convince people not to take things too seriously on a campus where everything is taken too seriously, and I have made myself into the Dear Abby version of Seinfeld.

They say fourth time’s the charm, right?

We’re just a couple weeks away from the end of another semester and another school year. Insert line about how quickly time flies here. For me, this milestone means my time at Indiana Wesleyan University is halfway through, barring another change of major. But it also means an increase in responsibilities, leadership and opportunities.

No matter what stage of the game you’re in, you’re also starting a new chapter. This year’s seniors are embarking on what some call “the real world.” Juniors are getting ready to start their last year, with final projects in mind. Sophomores like me are at the halfway point. Freshmen now really know what college is like, and don’t have to live in Bowman or Shatford anymore.

With these changes will come added challenges for all of us like the ones I mentioned earlier, but I’m told that’s just a part of something called “growing up.”

Here’s my favorite part about all of those extra responsibilities, however: Each one signifies the start of a new chapter in our own personal story. Maybe you didn’t like how the last one ended, maybe you’re looking for a fresh start; maybe you need to make some changes. No matter what the case, you now have an opportunity to put the past where it belongs: in the past.

I don’t know what that looks like for you, whether it’s changing your major, deciding not to use your major as a graduate, or just changing dorms. Nothing is too large or too small of a change if you firmly believe it’s the right way to go.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what all of this means for me either. While the end of the semester truly does bring one of my favorite things in a new beginning, it also brings one of my least favorite: uncertainty, which is another word for, “Oh my gosh, what am I doing with my life?” And while there can also be much hope with that, it’s no laughing matter.

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