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Hobby Lobby CEO: ‘We’re not planning on shutting any stores down’

Dr. David Green, CEO of craft store chain Hobby Lobby, accepted an honor from Indiana Wesleyan University Wednesday, April 3 and tried to dispel rumors surrounding his company in the process.

The ceremony, held on IWU’s campus in Marion, Ind., inducted Green into the university’s Society of World Changers. The award is given annually to individuals the school deems “role models who have exemplified the concept of world changers and whose lives can serve as an inspiration to future generations.”

Green’s daughter Darsee Lett introduced the CEO to an audience of IWU students, staff, faculty and dozens of Hobby Lobby executives and managers.

An exuberant Lett showered Green in shiny confetti for her introduction, joking to the audience that they could find it in the card aisle at Hobby Lobby.

“It’s really sparkly,” Lett added.

But the day was not all shiny confetti for Green, as he faced questions regarding the future of his company. Hobby Lobby is engaged in a months-long battle with the government over a new health care law requiring companies to cover emergency contraceptives for employees through its health plan. Hobby Lobby faced daily fines of $1.3 million beginning in January for its failure to comply based on the ownership’s feelings on the morality of the contraceptives, but the company shifted its plan year for employee health insurance. This action delayed the deadline by “several months.”

Green reaffirmed his stance on the matter in front of the ceremony’s hundreds of attendees.

“There’s one thing we will not do, and that’s paying for aborting unborn fetuses,” Green said.

The statement received a round of applause from the crowd.

In a pre-ceremony meeting with media, Green responded to rumors that Hobby Lobby will close all 500 of its stores across 43 states.

“That is not going to happen. That is on the Internet with my name supposedly signed to it, but we’re not planning on shutting any stores down,” Green said. “We’ve got a battle to fight, and it may take years, but we feel like in the end we will win.”

On the contrary, Green said Hobby Lobby intends to keep expanding while opposing the regulations.

“We continue to grow, we’re adding 35, 40 stores a year. And so for us, as we grow and we earn more profits, we see that as just more ministry,” Green added. “So as long as there’s more ministries needed, then there’s more growth needed, so we continue to plan to grow.”

Dr. Henry Smith, IWU’s soon-to-be-retired president, presented Green with a presidential citation for “model Christian values and the highest morals in business.”

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32 Responses to “Hobby Lobby CEO: ‘We’re not planning on shutting any stores down’”

  1. liz ewing says:

    I hope they all close. This is 2013 and religion of any kind needs to go away forever.

  2. WOB says:

    Hobby Lobby has not said that they will not provide contraceptives to their employees – they have been and will continue to do so – what they’ve said is that they will NOT pay for the “Morning After” pill which could potentially abort a fertilized egg, which they believe to be life. Lot of misinformation flowing regarding this, even amongst those who stand with HL.

    • MTinMo says:

      The morning after pill is a birth control pill. It is not to induce abortion. Sperm meeting egg is not an immediate process and if one takes the pill within a certain amount of time, it prevents the fertilization from taking place. The oral abortion drug is RU486, not the morning after pill.

  3. Becky says:

    There are dozens of contraceptive methods out there and condoms in every gas station. Unplanned pregnancies are nothing more than the result of improper prevention. It is not up to your employer to solve this type of “mistake” for you. I congratulate him on his efforts and love his stores.

  4. Al linder says:

    Bunch of crap. If their emplyoees are so christain, they would not use the drugs anyway. Just a crappy owner trying to get out of paying for health care.

    • Lynise says:

      It doesn’t say their employees are all Christian’s. It says the owners are Christian’s. If you are old enough to get your own job, you can buy your own contraception. People need to quit relying on the government to buy everything for them. No one wants to do anything for themselves anymore to include taking responsibilities for their own actions.

  5. Your way of explaining everything in this paragraph is genuinely good, all can without difficulty
    understand it, Thanks a lot.

  6. DC Stager says:

    Read those comments on socially open media, read very carefully and you will see that emotional ninnism is alive and well. They scream and call names, logic and thinking? no. Study of History and values from that? no. safe for one to be in trouble with them assigned to cover your back in the dark?? well not for this old sailor. You can test all values of Christianity and there are valid reasons and viewable results from following all the guidelines…Yes, it results in true Freedom and Peace of Mind.. Do as you wish. Christ sent his disciples into the world, armed for a reason… For all who think and reason based on tested fact… God Bless you and yours… an Old Sailor

  7. Mary Jo says:

    People make choices. They should live with and pay for their own choices. It’s not like someone is trying to control their lives. Only that there is no reason everyone should have to chip in to enable them to act irresponsibly.

    • Bob says:

      People make choices…they go to McDonalds…feast frequently on high sugar desserts…smoke…drive above the speed limit. All these choices result in problems sooner or later that insurance companies pay for, and for which they make us pay premiums. According to your reasoning, businesses should not have to cover any of these problems, either, since they all are results of ignoring the Bible’s teachings on moderation, ‘rendering unto Caesar’, and living a clean and healthy life.

  8. michael says:

    Bottom line is that this argument will go on for the ages! if hobby lobby has a religious belief that is there right! they are not pushing there beliefs on there employees they are just saying if you want to screw around they should not have to pay for it! This government has trampled on the constitution in every way , people are losing jobs and getting there ours cut to part time over this obamacare on a daily basis. numbers came out last week for the cost of insurance through the gov exchange if your 21 in good health its $270 a month plus your only working 29 hrs a week because the employer was forced to cut your hours do the math on a $10 hr job from 40 hrs to 29 hours -110 per week =-440 a month -270 for mandatory health insurance = $710 per month that the average underpaid employee loses . so before $1600 a month gross. after $890 a month Gross. someone please explain to me how this is affordable health care>>>

    • Nick says:

      Said employer is not FORCED to cut your hours. They choose to do so, because they care more about making a little more money than they do about your wellbeing.

  9. madley says:

    So, they are ok with the government using their tax dollars to bomb and torture people around the world, but they get all upset and want to throw thousands out of work over the abortion issue? If they are that clueless, then let them fail. I occasionally shop there, but I don’t think I will continue to do so. I stay away from religious-based businesses.

  10. rachel says:

    Hey, Just so everyone knows, most economically underprivileged people can get the morning after pill and even aid in paying for medical/surgical abortion in the first trimester. No one likes abortion but no one likes Child abuse/destitute women/ impoverished children either!

    • David says:

      Rachel, your logic is somewhat faulty. According to your logic, if women were not able to murder their unwanted children in the womb, there would be more child abuse/destitute women/impoverished children. And yet, in the 40+ years since Roe v. Wade, the reported instances of child abuse has more than tripled. The number of women and children in poverty has more than doubled.
      It seems to me the devaluing of human life and its attendant culture of death have done more to expand poverty and human suffering than we would have had abortion never been legalized.

      • Marylou C Smith says:

        I stand with Hobby Lobby. They should not have to pay for abortions or the after pill through insurance of any kind. This is the United States of America, the Land of The Free! It shows how someone in America can start a business from the bottom and be blessed. I am praying for Hobby Lobby. May God be with them! “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

        • JC says:

          I’m with you Marylou. We will stand with Hobby Lobby, where 2 or more are gathered in his name. Which there is far more than 2 that are standing with them. I don’t believe in a religion. Your either God’s kid or your not! Your not a religion. Those of you who have not been chosen to be a child of God show yourselves in your comments. Those of us who are God’s kids are going to think the opposite of the way you do. As the worlds way is always opposite of God’s way. We choose to follow God and his way’s, you don’t. So why even get involved in a conversation that has to do with God and his way’s. Your ways are the worlds ways so go about your business. Stay out of things you know nothing about. There is no way you will understand. Your mind can’t go there. Your eyes have not been opened to the truth and you’ve either chosen not to follow or you have not been chosen. So when it comes to God’s business, no need to comment, just go your own way. Nobody’s trying to make you look through God’s eyes, just go about your business and leave these issues to the ones who do. In other words, if your not filled with the spirit of the Lord, you will never understand his ways. So don’t try putting your two cents in where they don’t belong. Those of use who are choose to stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the true bottom line.

  11. Yancy Box says:

    The Bible also teaches us to obey man’s law.

    Titus 3:1

    Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work.

    Separations of church and state has been around for more years than Hobby Lobby. You knew when you started your business you couldn’t mix church with state and now you are wanting to close your business and put thousands of employees out of a job because you don’t agree with what “state” tells you you have to do. I assure, there is more than one person that works for you that has had an abortion, something you don’t agree with. Quit acting like the typical Christian and be a Christian and honor man’s law like the Bible teaches us to do and shut up. If you don’t agree with it, ask for forgiveness and move on.

    • Lynise says:

      Separation of church and state as mentioned in the government means that the country won’t be ruled on the basis of religion. You’re right, I’m sure plenty of their employees have had abortions, but why should their company have to pay for it? Did Hobby Lobby get all these people pregnant?

    • JC says:

      Yancy, you only took out part of that scripture. Your to follow mans laws only if they don’t supersede God’s ways. God’s ways always come before mans law. This is why many died a martyrs death.

  12. Cheri Baker says:

    Good for Hobby Lobby! The government should stay out of certain issues. I (and i’m sure a lot of other people) remember when stores were “closed” on Sunday. These owners have values and care for their employees and customers. More company owners need to do the same. Maybe young people of today would have more values, self-worth and a better sense of right and wrong if they were taught the values that the Hobby Lobby owners live by. Family is important!

  13. Ben Ostermiller says:

    I’m a retired Marine I’ve been in some really bad places in this world couldn’t undrstand how our country got so bad. Well seeing some of the comments here I’ve realized America is full if uneducated idiots. Many of you are hard on a company because they don’t feel it’s right they should provide something they don’t believe in. That’s their right period. Most of you are government slaves that want them to dictate to you cause your so dumb you can’t take care of yourself. I’ll warn you all now wake up. If you think total government control I’d so good why did I watch people in Cuba risk their lives to escape that country. This while being pursued by Cuban Commi military. If caught they were killed on the spot. Wake up idiots!

  14. Lauri Alt says:

    I applaud Hobby Lobby for standing by their beliefs. Furthermore, I don’t feel that any company should be required to provide insurance that covers abortion services. Those companies didn’t help get pregnant so they shouldn’t be forced to get you off the hook. Especially if it goes against their belief. More people should stand up and fight for their rights and their beliefs otherwise too soon this will be a communist country run by nothing less than dictators. It’s already quickly becoming that.

  15. Jessica Wrinkle says:

    For all of you all getting your panties in a wad over Hobby Lobby’s Christian beliefs and their refusal to offer contraceptives and emergency “abortion” pills….. if they are willing to pay their employees 80% above minimum wage (which is more than over 75% of retail stores nationwide) then I am pretty darn sure that these employees can go out and buy that stuff themselves, or if not, then find the nearest Women’s clinic and have them provide it for them! There are so many ways out there to get these things so why the hell should a company, ANY company, have to provide it to their employees? And why are so many of you pissed off about it? If you don’t like what Hobby Lobby is doing then that is your perogative….. find someplace else to work or find someplace else to shop! I for one am glad that SOMEBODY is finally standing up to this facist government that wants to control everything!


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