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  • Playing by the rules of life

    I’ve played a fair share of games in my 21 years, and one thing they all have in common are the rules —  like “The Game of Life.” The rules in that game help us understand how we should live our lives but still afford us much room for decision-making and, inevitably, failure. The Indiana…

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  • @AvgIWUStudent: Conversations with the anonymous Twitter-user

    She’s 20 years old, a nursing major, Wesleyan and a Townhouse resident. Who is she? Based on Indiana Wesleyan University’s own statistics, “she” is the average IWU student. @AvgIWUStudent, on the other hand, is a Twitter account created earlier this year. The anonymous tweets claim to represent the average student at Indiana Wesleyan. To maintain…

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  • Science vs. Everything Else

    The Indiana Wesleyan University board of trustees (the same group that hires our president) recently approved what members are calling a “Major Health Science Initiative.”  This major initiative will cost up to $110 million and take 10 years to complete.  The program will be kicked off with a groundbreaking ceremony for a new science and…

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