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Film and Sound

  • The Missing Peace in Israel

    The bombings rained down terror on the people of Israel during the second intifada, also known as the second Palestinian rebellion against the Israelis. There isn’t a single person in Israel who doesn’t know someone who was in a bombing, died in a bombing, was injured in a bombing or was rescued from a bombing,…

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  • Switchfoot comes to IWU for second time

    Five California surfers turned musicians will travel to Marion, Ind. April 4 to share songs about experiencing the world. Switchfoot last came to Indiana Wesleyan University in spring 2010 when the Chapel-Auditorium opened for the first time. Now four years later, they’ve released their ninth studio album, “Fading West.” The band will headline the 8…

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  • Colton Nelson: New Crema Director

    Colton Nelson (jr) is definitely not what comes to mind when you think of an event “director.” Perhaps what comes to mind is a person with a suit, tie and maybe a briefcase—someone prestigious, authoritative or intimidating. Nelson breaks the stereotype, sporting black-rimmed glasses, a plaid button-down shirt and a meticulously groomed mustache. As he…

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  • Blue Like Jazz tour

    Fans of Donald Miller’s book, “Blue Like Jazz” will be able to see the story come to life on the big screen when a film based on the bestseller comes to theaters April 13. The book and movie are both based off Miller’s time at Reed College. Throughout the story, Miller questions and test the…

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