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  • “Mockingjay: Part 2” Review

    One year after “Mockingjay: Part 1” came out, the famed “girl on fire” has returned to the screen. In all its fiery glory, “Mockingjay: Part 2” did not disappoint. If you're like me, and you read the books a number of years ago, you will find that the details are a bit hazy at this…

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  • Medieval Shorts provide unique look at Biblical stories

    Four Biblical stories in the form of medieval morality plays graced the stage of Indiana Wesleyan University’s Black Box Theatre on the evening of Friday, March 27. The Medieval Shorts Festival is an entirely student-directed production. While the scenes adhere to the medieval morality play style with their irregular rhyme schemes, directors were given a…

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  • ‘South Pacific’ explores cross-cultural relationships

    “South Pacific” takes place, as the title suggests, in the Pacific islands during WWII. A young, impressionable American nurse, Nellie (Morgan Pay), falls in love with a middle-aged Frenchman, Emile (Braden Hunt), who owns a plantation. The musical also follows the story of a young Lieutenant Joseph Cable (Landon Staley) as he falls in love…

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  • The inspiration of ‘Selma’

    By Heather Aitchison If you go to see “Selma,” bring tissues. Despite its startling and confronting opening scenes, “Selma” was, on the whole, an outstanding movie. The beloved Martin Luther King, Jr. has a story that most of the world knows, but until now most of our generation did not understand exactly what happened in…

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