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  • The reality of Campus Police

    The reality of Campus Police

    Have you ever wondered what Campus Police officers actually do besides giving students parking tickets and jump-starting their cars in winter? The Grant County Sheriff’s Department was able to answer some questions. Campus Police officers are deputies. They have regular law enforcement duties, provide security for campus and are fully armed and trained to enforce…

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  • Carlye Arden: speaking Truth

    Carlye Arden: speaking Truth

    Anyone who attended the Gungor concert, Surge or chapel last week knows who Carlye Arden (so) is. But students may be confused on what she was actually doing. Spoken word, according to Arden, is “performance poetry.” The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s website says spoken word is “poetry written on a page but performed for an…

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  • Because God told him to

    By Stephen Cabe, contributing writer Assured of what he is about to do, he takes one final glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. Nervously, he takes a breath as the needle begins to inject the dark black ink into his chest. Tyler Coffey (sr) remembers one of the hardest decisions he ever made: following…

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