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  • Does politics matter?

    Does politics matter?

    Cartoons by Danae Keener Though he’s gained notoriety in recent weeks as a potential 2016 candidate, former neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is not the only world changer to consider running for president, nor is he the first to state his political stance. Former senator and 2014 inductee Elizabeth Dole ran for Republican nomination in the…

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  • World Changer seeks nation’s highest office

    World Changer seeks nation’s highest office

    Courtesy Photo Dr. Ben Carson, the 2007 inductee of the Society of World Changers, made history as the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins, and now he might make history with his next ambition – president of the United States. Carson announced a presidential exploratory committee March 3, launching a new website and video…

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  • Reverse culture shock

    Reverse culture shock

    Written by: Heather Cox, Contributing Writer If you pass Ali Dunn (jr) on campus, don’t be surprised if she avoids eye contact with you. At least at first. It’s not that Dunn is anti-social. Instead, she’s just heeding the customs of Aix-en-Provence, France, where she recently studied abroad for a semester—and where direct eye contact…

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  • IWU raising money for Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone

    IWU raising money for Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone

    With countless individuals sick and dying, the severity of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone has caused The Wesleyan Church to take action. General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church and founder of the Christian humanitarian program World Hope, Dr. JoAnne Lyon, has reached out to Indiana Wesleyan University in order to raise funds for a…

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