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  • Letter to the Editor: SGA clarifies Race Matters poster

    Written by members of Student Government Association This year’s SGA forum discussion series is titled “What Matters.” This is both a question and a statement: these panels will ask us to examine our priorities in light of the priorities of the kingdom of God. Because we believe that God wants us to welcome outsiders, we have…

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  • SGA forum stresses personhood of immigrants

    Written by Sarah Dougan and Sara Williams The Student Government Association’s panel on immigration issues Wednesday, Dec. 3 encouraged system reform and action from the church, with panelists emphasizing the personhood of immigrants. “Immigration is an issue, but immigrants are people,” said panelist Dr. David Drury, who is the Chief of Staff to Dr. Jo…

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  • Editorial: What are the ethics behind swiping and leaving chapel?

    The new chapel swipe system has been a topic of conversation since the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, begging the question: is it okay for students to swipe and leave? This question has been argued from both sides. Indiana Wesleyan University has had chapel as a requirement since its founding, more recently with the…

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