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  • Tedeschi’s Take: For the love of sports

    Why do I love sports? I’ve been thinking about that question this week and realized it’s difficult to answer. Sports have always been a part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without them. But why? What is it about sports that has drawn me to them since I was a little kid? It…

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  • Let me introduce you to… myself

    Well, here we are again. New year, new classes, new friends, new challenges. I myself have been faced with quite a few new things: new living arrangements, new job, new responsibilities. It’s all quite terrifying, but also incredibly exciting. My name is Erin Alberding, and I have the privilege of being The Sojourn’s sports editor.…

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  • Resolved

    The first New Year’s resolution I made was in junior high, and it was all about a boy. I was 12, and that year I resolved to get him to ask me out. He didn’t. (Oddly enough, my resolution wasn’t exactly binding on other people.) In high school, I resolved to master new skills like…

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  • The handbook: bigotry

    This week marks the fifth and final installment of my column discussing lesser-known corners of the 2011/2012 Student Handbook. Beginning next week, The Sojourn will publish a five-week guest column from Andrew Parker, dean for student conduct and community standards at Indiana Wesleyan University, responding to each of my five topics sequentially. To punctuate my…

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