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The Wildcard

  • The Wildcard: The last one

    There’s just something about sports. I’ve been following athletics closely since before I could do long division, and I still can’t quite figure it out. What is it about a bunch of people throwing around a ball in some manner that captures the hearts of millions? How can people become so invested in that ball-throwing…

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  • The Wildcard: The one with the football team (part II)

    Like any living, breathing human being, I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong. As little as I try to let this phenomenon happen, sometimes things just slip through the cracks. Today is a day where I correct, or maybe more accurately clarify, one of those mistakes. A few months ago, I wrote a piece…

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  • The Wildcard: The one with the offseason

    If you’re anything of a football fan, I’m sure you’ve been following the insanity in the NFL over the last week. Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Sean Payton, cuts, trades and bounty systems have turned football’s offseason into a spectacle more entertaining than the NBA’s regular season. Maybe you won’t find any scandals or blockbuster deals…

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  • The Wildcard: The one with next year

    Well. That didn’t go the way we hoped. If all had gone as planned, maybe both of the Indiana Wesleyan University basketball teams are fresh off their respective tournament runs. If all had gone as planned, maybe tonight IWU is having an all-campus party in celebration of two NAIA titles. If all had gone as…

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