Deffenbaugh ready for presidency

Deffenbaugh seeks presidency after two years of experience in SGADeffenbaugh seeks presidency after two years of experience in SGA

Current Indiana Wesleyan University Student Government Association Executive Vice President, James Deffenbaugh (jr), has his eyes on the presidency with the help of his running mate, Daniel Obert (so).

Deffenbaugh and Obert are running together for IWU SGA president and vice president

Deffenbaugh and Obert are running together for IWU SGA president and vice president

Deffenbaugh is a business administration and marketing major while Obert is a history and political science/pre-law major. Deffenbaugh and Obert have each had experience working with SGA.

Deffenbaugh was the sophomore class representative in 2015 and victoriously ran in last year’s SGA presidential race alongside current president Cameron Yoder (sr). Obert is the current division representative for Social Sciences and Vice President of the IWU Association of International Relations.

With two years of experience in SGA, Deffenbaugh is confident that he is prepared to be IWU’s next student body president.

“SGA is split into two different parts: representatives and cabinet. The first year I was a representative and this year I’m a cabinet (member), so I have a unique perspective of what SGA is and what it could be,” Deffenbaugh said. “I’ve been able to work alongside the current president, Cam (Yoder), and I’ve been able to be a part of what the president does.”

If elected, Deffenbaugh and Obert plan to emphasize collaboration with other offices on campus such as the Global Engagement Office, Student Activities Council and IWU Alumni Association, a continuation of the progress Yoder has made with this year as the current president.

“Our vision is to ‘Equip, Expand and Engage,'” Obert said. “We want to equip representatives with better communication, resources and training to be more effective in those roles, expand visibility and presence of SGA on campus through collaboration with other organizations on campus. And finally, we want to engage with the student body by better advertising events we host, furthering programs we’ve started this year, and better engaging with the Marion community.”

A detailed list of Deffenbaugh’s vision as the next IWU student body president can be found here.

The two presidential candidates, Deffenbaugh and Watlington, will face off in an official debate Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Barnes Student Center commons.

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