FNL takes the spotlight for spring semester

Photo provided by Jourdyn Berry.Photo provided by Jourdyn Berry.

Friday Night Live takes the stage Feb. 24th at 8:45 p.m. in the Chapel Auditorium.

FNL is a sketch comedy group performing out of Indiana Wesleyan University that is inspired by NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Although FNL’s cast likes to keep their shows a suprise, director Ryan Samuels (sr) said that there will be more costumes, props and possibly even some live animals.

Provided by Jourdyn Berry.

Seniors Jourdyn Berry and Cameron Yoder are hosting this semester’s FNL. Photo provided by Berry.

“This semester is different from last semesters (and previous) because we have a surprise for the audience on stage. We have also advertise to the community in a big way this semester compared to any other year,” Samuels said.

The cast has created promotional videos to get the IWU community excited about the show. FNL has also hung up posters to advertise the hosts, Cameron Yoder (sr) and Jourdyn Berry (sr).

Berry is proud of the work of FNL and how far they have came since their last show.

“I think this show is going to be well received. We had a rough show last year due to some incidents,” Berry said. “I think people will be impressed with the changes that we’ve made from a few months ago.”

FNL assistant director, Derek Anthes (sr) said the set innovation for the show this Friday will bring a new look to FNL.

“We brought in a method to tell our stories that has never been used by FNL before,” Anthes said.

Anthes said he is looking forward to showing the audience the videos and skits the cast has worked hard on. FNL has been the largest group project that he has worked on in his college career.

The cast of FNL is a tight group of students, some of which have been working together for three years.  

“We depend on our familiarity with each other to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses to effectively communicate,” Anthes said.

For Berry (sr), and many other casts members, this may be the last time they take stage as an FNL comedian.

“We have several seniors on cast this semester. This is actually my 7th and final FNL so we are really trying to go out with a bang,” Berry said.

FNL’s cast is looking forward to hearing the laughter of the audience as a reaction to the comedical night they have created.


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