Four seniors receive Triangle Honor Award


Indiana Wesleyan University selected four standout students to receive the brand new Triangle Honor Award.  The individual awards were introduced by Chair of the CAS Student Life Council, Katie Wampler, on Wednesday morning, April 19, in chapel.

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The recipients of the Triangle Honor Award stood up on stage in chapel Wednesday.

“The Triangle Honor Award is an Indiana Wesleyan University award given annually to three to five graduating seniors who exemplify excellence in character, scholarship, and leadership. This is a significant and prestigious award that honors graduating seniors who have fully grasped and lived out the Indiana Wesleyan University Mission to change the world,” Wampler said in chapel.

The award was presented to four students: Caleb Dunn, Whitney Renfroe, Ryan Smith, and Eleri Vice. According to Brandon Hill, each of them were selected by their teachers through a survey that was conducted. These specific teachers then presented their students with the award.

The students were recognized for living out the IWU Mission in all that they do, whether that be displaying determined work in the classroom, participating on mission trips or in campus ministry, or simply exemplifying care and compassion.

“We were looking for student who were considered by their peers as exemplary,” Hill said. “They are good academic students contributing to their fields, and also that they were leading and serving as well.”

According to Renfroe, one of the award recipients, IWU has blessed her with significant challenges that have made her more insightful and more disciplined.

“I am incredibly honored to receive this award. I am thankful not only to my professors and the other people who recommended me for this award, but I also feel privileged to be recognized along with the other three recipients,” Renfroe said. “Caleb, Ryan, and Eleri are respected by so many people as incredible servant leaders and students who pursue academic excellence. I am honored to be recognized among them.”

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