Friday Night Live “purges” rainy day blues with hilarious show, videos


Written by: Shelby Lamb and Alyssa Benson

Comedy struck Indiana Wesleyan’s campus Feb. 24 at Friday Night Live’s spring show. The evening started off with a bang when host Jourdyn Berry (sr) shot tack darts at co-host Cameron Yoder (sr) who appeared shirtless alongside a great dane.

As always, the opening dance number was a crowd favorite. Berry, the choreographer of several years, outdid herself with a quasi dance battle of the sexes. Male cast members danced to “Let’s Get It On” and handed out roses to audience members. The women responded with an umbrella-centered routine to the classic “It’s Raining Men.” Finally reaching a rhythmic compromise, the entire cast danced to Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay” and concluded with the famous line, “Live from Marion, it’s Friday night!”


As always, FNL opened the show with a flashy dance number. Photo provided by Erin Harbert

Modeled after the famous Saturday Night Live, the audience enjoyed music by house band, Apocalyptic Waffles, in between sketches.

Yoder said he thinks there is something that sets FNL apart from its prime time parent.

“FNL is for the students and by the students- a pure student tradition,” Yoder said.

Director Ryan Samuels (sr) said he agreed with Yoder.

“The community of IWU, as well as Marion, (are) the reason we volunteer to do this,” Samuels said. “We are all so passionate about bring Christ’s joy and happiness through laughter.”

The FNL staff was proud of the outcome of the night. In their eyes, success comes when they reach the most people possible, and share the gift of joy.

“Once we saw how many people were there as well as the laughter the audience provided we knew we had accomplished our goal,” Samuels said.

Through interludes by Jonas Eli Beachy, an Amish man hilariously trying to come to terms with the modern way of life, the audience experienced a trip to Narnia, Gotham City and even a speech class in England.

One of the crowd favorites was a video based on the hit horror movie “The Purge.” Cast members donned masks and swept campus upsetting basic community rules. Other videos included a series of large-budget movies re-created on a low-budget and a depiction of a physical character of Jesus in the middle of a dating relationship.

photo cast photo

FNL cast all smiles before their crowd-pleasing show. Photo provided by Hunter George

A large part of last night’s success was the chemistry among team members.

“There was something that I had never felt before with this cast,” Samuels said. “Everyone was willing to sacrifice whatever it took to make this show great.”

The cast ended the evening by dedicating their work to the Lord and with a bittersweet curtain call for senior cast members.

“We are losing some wonderful seniors who have been through thick and thin, but they will always be a part of cast even if they aren’t in the cast after this year,” Nic Kursonis (jr), cast member and public relations director, said.

It looks like the audiences of FNL shows, however, will continue to be impressed.

“The nine of us who will return next year will look to build on the momentum that we have established and hit the ground running to keep making FNL great” Kursonis said.


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