Indiana Wesleyan names new interim chancellor

Dr. A.J. Anglin

Indiana Wesleyan University named A.J. Anglin as the school’s interim chancellor, filling the vacancy Keith Newman left when he became the president of Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma.

President David Wright said Indiana Wesleyan utilized The Registry, an organization that places qualified personnel in positions at colleges and universities across the country, to find an interim chancellor until a nationwide search for a permanent replacement can be completed.

“We’ve been working on a plan since March,” Wright said. Anglin came highly recommended and will remain in the chancellor’s position until a permanent chancellor is named.

Anglin holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from John Brown University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Arkansas.

Anglin taught chemistry and later served as vice president for Academic Affairs at Taylor University between 1970 and 1982. Altogether, he has worked at five Christian and three public universities. Through The Registry, Anglin has served in various interim leadership positions.

“I was missing work,” Anglin said. “I’m in my mid-70s, but I really like working. And I enjoy short-term assignments.”

The short-term assignments allow him to use his knowledge and experience to help colleges and universities, which he said he enjoys.

“I’m not very good at staying retired,” he said.

While he was at Taylor, Anglin co-wrote a grant with former Indiana Wesleyan President Jim Barnes for faculty development training. He stayed in touch with Barnes and watched Indiana Wesleyan grow.

“I’ve kept track of Indiana Wesleyan for almost 50 years, and it’s an amazing story,” Anglin said.

In considering this position, he had to be obedient to God, he said. He did not want to move away from his children and grandchildren. He said he and his wife have spent nine years living close to them and being actively part of their lives.

Wright’s attitude toward higher education and the Christian’s role in every day life also convinced him to consider applying.

“The reason I decided (to apply) was a pulling of God’s calling, and I struggled with that for three weeks,”

Photo taken from Arkansas Tech University

Photo taken from Arkansas Tech University

Anglin said. “I went online and saw the inauguration address by Dr. Wright. He wrote a commentary response the day after the election last fall. I’ve seen other things where he’s interacted … I really like him. I have a very positive sense of who he is, and I really would like to work under his leadership.”

He said that while he has not done well at staying retired, this may be his last assignment in higher education.

“I’d like to finish with a Christian university,” he said. “ I love (Indiana Wesleyan’s) Christian mission.”

Wright said Anglin was ranked first among all who interviewed him.

“He brings to the Interim Chancellor position a wealth of knowledge and experience that will prove invaluable to IWU during this time of transition,” Wright said. “Dr. Anglin is personable, engaging and deeply committed to the Christ-centered identity and mission that define IWU. We are delighted to welcome him to our IWU and Marion community for the coming year.”

Anglin will begin his duties at Indiana Wesleyan on July 10 and hopes to get involved with students and campus life when classes start in September.

“It’s how I stay centered on what is this all about. And when it’s all said and done, the group that it’s all about has to do with the students,” he said.

*Article from the Chronicle- Tribune 

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