IWU men’s basketball senior spotlight


As the spring semester and the IWU men’s basketball season comes to a close, the senior players have especially contributed to the success of the team.

The wildcat seniors include Lane Mahurin (sr), Bob Peters (sr), Aaron Murray (sr), and Nate Bubash (sr).


Nate Bubash, senior Forward. Photo provided by IWU Athletic Department.

Bubash from Munster, Indiana has maintained the position of forward during his time as a Wildcat. Upon graduation, Bubash will be joining the team at Charles Schwab to eventually become a financial consultant. He says he is looking forward to impacting people’s lives by helping them gain a better understanding of their finances.

“Unfortunately, financial literacy for many people is very low, so being able to simplify the steps and make a positive impact on others lives is what I look forward to doing,” Bubash said.





Lane Mahurin, senior forward. Photo provided by IWU Athletic Department.

Mahurin, the 6’7” forward from Rockville, Indiana, has consistently performed during his four years at IWU. One of his greatest achievements of this season was reaching a career-high of 2,000 points.

“To be among the handful of IWU players above 2,000 is an honor, and celebrating with my teammates who made it possible for me to score was a joy,” Mahurin said.

He also had the unique opportunity to play on the same team as his older brother, RJ Mahurin (’14). The two brothers were a part of the team that won a National Championship in 2014. Mahurin said he has had many learning experiences and opportunities since being at IWU.
“I have gone through ups and downs with my faith, but my coaches have built a team founded on God.”




Aaron Murray, senior center. Photo provided by IWU Athletic Department.

Murray held the position of center during his five years on the Indiana Wesleyan men’s basketball team.

“It was always a dream of mine to play organized basketball, even when I was a kid,” Murray remembers. Playing on the IWU Men’s basketball team has really served to fulfill that dream.

Murray is finishing his first year of his masters program at IWU, and will be finishing the program online next year. This summer, he plans to move with his wife to Bloomington, Illinois where he will begin working with Eastview Christian Church and their sports ministry.





Bob Peters, senior guard. Photo provided by IWU Athletic Department.

Peters held the position of guard for the IWU men’s team during his time as a Wildcat. He also boasts of multiple national rankings and awards. Peters also reached a 2,000 point career high during his final season as a Wildcat.

“My biggest take away is how to put others above myself. Our motto was to live third: to put God first, others second, myself third. I had great role models for that during my time here,” Peters said.

While currently searching for jobs in the Indianapolis area, Peters hopes to positively impact those around him regardless of what career he chooses.



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