Kelsey Key reflects on successful IWU basketball career

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This semester, Kelsey Key (sr) ended a monumental season with the IWU women’s basketball team.

One of the many special moments in Key’s career was when she reached a milestone of 1,000 points, defying the odds and making her team proud. On February 21st, 2017, during the first few minutes of the quarterfinals of the Crossroads League tournament, Key hit the basket to reach 1,000 points.

Key said excitement erupted once she made that basket.
“It was a huge milestone in my career and it’s something that I’m really grateful for,” Key said.

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Photo provided by IWU Athletic Department

As the leading scorer in Indiana her senior year of high school, it was no surprise Kelsey continued her scoring success into college. Although Key came into the program as a sophomore, she was still able to reach 1,000 points in just three years.

Head Coach Brett Bellinger said the 1,000 point career milestone is very significant.
“Our team philosophy is to share the ball and work together as a team, so for her to get the 1,000 points in our program shows how effective she has been.”

Coach Bellinger says that this milestone speaks to her commitment and dedication outside of actual game time.

“It’s really something she has sacrificed for.” Bellinger continues, “The 1,000 point mark means something special to her and it means something special to us, but the most important part is that she has been able to grow as a complete player.”

Key’s sister, Katie Key (so) plays basketball alongside her and the rest of the Wildcat team. “When you deserve something as much as Kelsey did, it’s awesome to see it accomplished,” Key says.

On top of this milestone, Kelsey also received an All-American Honorable Mention award this season.

Key plans to graduate this spring with a degree in sports management. Pursuing a master’s degree will help her get closer to her goal of becoming a collegiate level coach.

“I love basketball and the life lessons it can teach so I am passionate about teaching young women through the sport,” Key says.

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