Student Life Council plans to give seniors new award


The Student Life Council has created the Triangle Honor Award to recognize seniors who exemplify character, scholarship and leadership.

According to Brandon Hill, vice president of Life Calling & Integrative Learning, the council had participated in giving out the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges award to seniors. Its website says the Who’s Who Among Students award is one that recognizes students’ academic excellence.

Hill said the council thought that since the Who’s Who Among Students is an external company, it was not very meaningful because it focused on making money from giving out the awards. He said after the council, decided to discontinue its participation last fall, the members decided to create the Triangle Honor Award.

According to a draft the council wrote, the award “is an Indiana Wesleyan University award given annually to 3 to 5 graduating seniors that exemplify excellence in character, scholarship and leadership.” These three traits are based off of the university’s mission statement.

The selection process began when the council emailed IWU faculty and staff for nominations of this award. Hill said about 30 students were nominated, and then asked to send three references. A committee then reviewed the references and made recommendations to who should win the award, with the council then ratifying that decision.

“I feel excited about it because I think we’ve removed an award that really didn’t have a lot of meaning to our students and placed it with something that I think is extremely meaningful to who we are,” Hill said. “I think it’ll highlight students who have really caught on to what our mission is and will promote them as exemplars to other students.”

Hill also said that this will help the students to stand out in their resumes.

For students who receive this award … the world won’t necessarily understand it,” Hill said. “(The winners) can say this is one of the highest awards given to seniors who exhibit qualities in these three particular areas.”

The Triangle Honor Award will be given out to four seniors on April 19 during chapel service in the Chapel Auditorium.

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