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  • Where them boys at?

    “What do you think the ratio of females to males is on Indiana Wesleyan University’s campus?” asked The Sojourn. “5-to-1,” answered Sara Mak Hoffman (jr). “Last I heard was three girls to two guys,” Rebekah Worth (so) stated. “Probably four girls to every one guy,” Amanda Crawford (fr) replied. “Not quite 2-to-1,” according to the…

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  • Transfer decrease

    Snow was not the only new element on the Marion campus of Indiana Wesleyan University as students returned after winter break. Thirty-three transfer students and 17 new freshmen arrived on campus for the beginning of the 2012 spring semester, according to IWU’s admissions office. These numbers decreased from last year, when 42 transfer students and…

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  • IWU Retention rate drops

    Indiana Wesleyan University’s Marion-campus retention rate has dropped roughly 1 percent each year since 2006. In 2006, the retention rate stood at 82.6 percent for first-time freshmen and 73 percent for first-time transfer students. Currently, the rate stands at 75.1 percent for first-time freshmen and 66 percent for first-time transfer students. According to Dr. Brandon…

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