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  • ‘Things with Feathers’ opens in 1920 Gallery

    The 1920 Art Gallery in the Barnes Student Center premiered its first student show of the year, “Things with Feathers,” Monday, Oct. 11. Katie Walsner (sr), the curator of the 1920 Gallery, said that the show was inspired this past summer from the poem “Hope” by Emily Dickinson. Displayed at the entrance of the show…

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  • Andy Warhol exhibit to be seen in person

    Pop artist. Filmmaker. Band manager. Andy Warhol has done it all and in turn, succeeded in making himself an enterprise. For the next three months, the Indianapolis Museum of Art will feature more than 300 pieces from Warhol’s massive collection of art, films and advertisements. The exhibit explores Warhol's art, beginning with his 1950s ads…

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