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  • A very merry non-traditional Christmas

    Christmas is just around the corner — but not for everyone. Some students and faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University celebrate the holidays (or don't) differently than their peers. Here are some of their stories: James Deffenbaugh James Deffenbaugh (fr) never questioned if Santa was real – because his mom told him the truth from a very young age.…

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  • Box Office break-in

    When the operations manager of the Box Office, Hannah Oberlin (alumna Dec. ‘12), came into the office for work at 9 a.m. Dec. 3, she found the Christmas setup in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center lobby destroyed, according to Chrystal Beard (jr), box office manager. Of the four trees that were originally there, one was…

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  • “Let me introduce you to … Christmas favorites”

    If you’re anything like me there have been several things on your mind since Thanksgiving break, the first being finals, the second being how excited you are to get virtually no sleep the rest of the semester, and the third thing is how pumped you are for the lack of sides at Wildcat Express. Wait,…

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  • Home for the holiday

    Most students here at Indiana Wesleyan University travel back home for the holidays, but those who live internationally don’t have that luxury. Denny Wongosari (sr) was born and raised in Indonesia, where his family still lives. He has mainly stayed with friends for the holidays since coming to college. Wongosari said he “house-hops” all around…

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