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  • Across the IWU ‘Spectrum’

    Every two years, Indiana Wesleyan University offers an “Introduction to TV News” class. Throughout the semester, students learn the fundamentals of newscasting – story telling, newsgathering, shooting, proper camera use and basic editing. During the last five weeks of the semester, the students begin a project called “Spectrum News” in which they broadcast a live…

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  • Letter to the Editor: Kendra Emmett

    by: Kendra Emmett (jr) On Monday night, Oct. 10, 2011, the SGA cabinet hosted an open floor discussion of the IWU Media Policy. As the academic representative for the Division of Communication, I felt a sense of obligation to read the Media Policy beforehand in preparation for the discussion. As I began to read the…

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  • Letter to the Editor: Phil Herbruck

    by: Phil Herbruck (sr) I’ll get right to the point: I wholeheartedly agree with Nick Graham’s article about the “In Loco Parentis” rules in the Indiana Wesleyan University student handbook. The media policy, in particular, has been a major frustration during my time at IWU. As a communications major, I am constantly engaged in in-class…

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