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Colton Nelson: New Crema Director

Colton Nelson (jr) is definitely not what comes to mind when you think of an event “director.” Perhaps what comes to mind is a person with a suit, tie and maybe a briefcase—someone prestigious, authoritative or intimidating.

Nelson breaks the stereotype, sporting black-rimmed glasses, a plaid button-down shirt and a meticulously groomed mustache. As he settled down onto a couch in the Commons to discuss his new position as Crema director, he was anything but formal. Nelson exuded an atmosphere of friendship like you’ve known him for years.

Nelson said Crema is a weekly music show that is put on by McConn every Wednesday at 9p.m. There are two artists every week and they are “usually coffee shop music.”
In the past, Crema has had a more “sit-down-and-pay-attention” atmosphere, but Nelson hopes to change that. His vision is to create a perfect excuse to grab coffee with a friend, a time to de-stress from that long three-hour night class or get a temporary respite from the insanity of college.

“It’s just a super-cool break from everything else,” Nelson said.

Nelson’s plan for Crema is to feature two different musical artists each night. There will be performances from students and non-students alike, and sometimes Nelson will play as well. One artist that he is highlighting, John Davey, will perform Oct. 10.

“[Davey’s] definitely a ‘do-not-miss’ performance,” Nelson said.

Aside from featuring music, Nelson predicted that Crema will run smoothly this year due to his previous experience managing such events. Even though he’s a media design major, Nelson said his position directing Crema “just fit.”

Nelson has experience in booking, doing sound checks and performing at other shows as well as Crema.

There is no price of admission for Crema, but Nelson said he needs more than money to make the show continue. He needs the support of the student body.

In the words of Devin Hopwood (alumnus ‘12), the previous Crema director, “Crema’s main job is to increase business for McConn.”

Nelson said the best way to help Crema is to “just show up.” He is an employee of McConn, and the coffee shop funds Crema. In turn, Crema draws business for McConn.

As a fellow IWU student, Nelson implored the student body to set aside the urge to do three straight hours of physics homework and come out for Crema.

Dallas Davis and Rudy Valdez, two musicians from Marion, will perform at Crema Sept. 19 at 9 p.m.

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Crema – Caitlin Newell

Caitlin Newell plays at Crema on April 4, 2012.

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Crema – A Minor Bird

A Minor Bird plays “Scream” at Crema on April 4, 2012.

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Crema – Betty and the Bandits

Betty and the bandits play “Bears and Beats” at Crema on March 29, 2012.

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