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Shootout on South Nebraska

One person is dead, one injured and the killer still on the loose. This is the state of affairs following a shootout on Gallatin and South Nebraska streets the evening of Thursday, Nov. 1.

“It took place in an alley,” said Detective Sergeant Robin Young (alumnus ’85). “Both [victims] were shot several times.”

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Maurice Amos, 27, the man who allegedly started the shootout between himself and accused fellow shooter Cletus Luster. Amos, still at large, is charged with murder, attempted murder, serious violent felon possession of a firearm, auto theft possession and probation violation.

Calls came in at 10:19 p.m., Young said. A team arrived on the scene in the 3000 block of Gallatin and Nebraska streets later that night. He said they found Danielle Stallings, 28, injured badly. Her boyfriend, 27-year-old Luster, had survived the shooting and fled to Southside Diner for help.

“[Luster] ran across the church parking lot, … and he came over and had a seat at the last booth [outside] here in front of the diner,” said Lori Thien, diner manager. “The guys out there [at the time] … didn’t know what the guy was doing. They just figured he was sitting down to have a cigarette like the rest of them, because that’s where everybody smokes now. He just looked over and said, ‘Hey, I need some help. I’ve been shot.’

He had a bullet wound in his hand,” Thien said. “He had [that hand] sitting on the table. That was the only blood I had to clean up.”

Thien said the cops took her aside and talked to her. They taped off the outside area. “It was probably about midday the next day before they let us have our [outside] section back to clean all off and everything,” she said.

Police took the two victims to Marion General Hospital, according to Deputy Chief Cliff Sessoms. Stallings was pronounced dead at the hospital, and Luster was transported to Fort Wayne for extensive treatment.

After being released from Parkview General Hospital, Luster, a convicted felon, was arrested Monday, Nov. 5, on charges of probation violation and possession of a firearm. Sessoms said police aren’t sure if the killer was shot, but they do know Luster did not kill Stallings.

No one yet knows why this shootout took place. “We have theories, but we can’t share them at the moment,” Sessoms said. “We consider [Amos] armed and dangerous.”

If anyone has more information, Sessoms said they should call the Police Department at 765-662-9981 and ask for either himself or Detective Captain Jay Kay.

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