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  • “Time is getting closer” for football at IWU

    “Time is getting closer” for football at IWU

    One of the running jokes around the Indiana Wesleyan University campus is “our football team is always undefeated,” poking fun at the school’s lack of a team. Students may have to stop using this joke soon, as administrators are working to bring a football team to IWU. Executive Vice President Keith Newman said the school…

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  • “Let me introduce you to … Super Bowl halftime shows”

    There are three big factors that play into the Super Bowl. First, and most obviously, is football. It’s the big leagues, the biggest game of the year and the championship. Second is the commercials. If you are not a fan of watching football, then the commercials draw you into the Super Bowl. The third factor…

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  • The Wildcard: The one with the football team (part II)

    Like any living, breathing human being, I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong. As little as I try to let this phenomenon happen, sometimes things just slip through the cracks. Today is a day where I correct, or maybe more accurately clarify, one of those mistakes. A few months ago, I wrote a piece…

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