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Concert for a Cause: Fusion 2012

Each year, Fusion takes place for the Indiana Wesleyan University community, but this year it’s happening for the Marion community.

In the past, tickets have cost $10, but this year students can get in for $5 or a donation of five canned food items. All the proceeds will go to St. Martin’s Community Center.

The weekend’s activities will kick off March 30 with “The Concert for a Cause.” The concert will feature the artists Shonlock, Everyday Sunday, All Things New, Nate Feuerstein and Grant Well.

“The Concert for a Cause is a gift from the students of Indiana Wesleyan University to the community,” said Charlie Alcock, assistant professor of youth ministries and director of student ministry outreach events at IWU. “We know that times are tough, and we want to provide our neighbors with an affordable, fun, life-changing night and we want to give all the proceeds back to the community through local food pantries.”

Stacy Hall (sr) is the executive director of promotions for Fusion. Hall said she and the other students who are in charge of Fusion are happy to pay for their tickets, and strongly believe in giving back to the Marion community.

“We are all active in our local churches, and the youth here and they have given us so much, so of course I want to give back,” said Hall. “Marion is home for us, and Marion does a lot for us. We felt it was time to give back.”

“We couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of it sooner. It was kind of a ‘duh’ moment for us, and the rest of the plans fell into place after that,” said Hall.

The good cause led to a lot of excitement and pride for second-year Fusion volunteer and “altar counselor” Reese Birnbaum (jr), who has also volunteered at St. Martin’s while attending IWU. Birnbaum couldn’t see the proceeds going to a better organization than St. Martin’s Food Pantry. According to St. Martin’s website, the organization has provided free food to 21,000 people over the past year.

“I don’t know much about the bands or speakers, but I do know the important part is that it is going to a good organization. I’m glad the school is using the influence it has for a good impact on the Marion community,” said Birnbaum.

Shonlock, Everyday Sunday, All Things New, Nate Feuerstein and Grant Well represent many different music genres. Information about The Concert for a Cause can be found on the FustionYouthConference Facebook page.

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