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  • The handbook: bigotry

    This week marks the fifth and final installment of my column discussing lesser-known corners of the 2011/2012 Student Handbook. Beginning next week, The Sojourn will publish a five-week guest column from Andrew Parker, dean for student conduct and community standards at Indiana Wesleyan University, responding to each of my five topics sequentially. To punctuate my…

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  • The handbook: sexual misconduct

    “Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to the Biblical standard of sexual purity, and we desire to do all we can to stand against the loosening sexual standards of society,” states Page 18 of the 2011/2012 Student Handbook.

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  • The handbook: intellectual property

    The past week marks a major shift in the American debate over intellectual property rights and the enforcement of existing legal codes. Online powerhouses roused dissent among commoners Jan. 18 by publicly protesting two bills proposed by the U.S. Congress. Wikipedia censored itself for 24 hours to draw attention to legislation that could, according to…

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  • The handbook: an introduction

    Some of the rules established by Indiana Wesleyan University have received widespread attention among students in recent years. The evangelical school’s stance on media, social dancing and compulsory chapel services are frequent topics of heated debate. Meanwhile, potentially contentious lesser-known rules have gone uncritiqued. IWU published an updated, 64-page student handbook in October 2011 that…

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