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  • Ebola: Take a chill pill

    There is one topic everyone is talking about since the beginning of the school year: Ebola. It seems to be what anyone is talking about now: on the news, in the classroom, with friends at lunch. But what exactly is it and what should you know?  First identified in 1976 in Africa, Ebola hemorrhagic fever…

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  • The benefits of eating well (for you now, not just 40-year-old you)

    Fort Wayne, Ind., my hometown, located just an hour north of here, was ranked the second among the Most Artery-Clogged Cities in America, according to Yahoo! Health. Indiana’s obesity rate has risen in the past year, making it the 15th highest in the country, according to Lucky us. I know this whole eating-well thing…

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  • Checking for the health and safety of students

    Health and safety checks will be conducted again this Christmas break. If a dorm room, lodge or townhouse does not adhere to the inspection rules, the inhabitants will be fined accordingly. According to an email sent out to all the students, health and safety inspections are for the student body’s “well-being and protection … to…

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