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  • And eat it too

    He baked you a cake? Yeah. Isn’t it great? I’ll never want to finish eating it. He obviously likes you. Well, I thought so. Before, I mean, when he gave me the cake. But I know he doesn’t. Caitlyn, he baked you a cake for crying out loud. How could he not like you? He’s…

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  • Caesura

    Caesura is a literary term, meaning the pause or break in a line of poetry. For Indiana Wesleyan University, however, Caesura is also a literary magazine published each spring. Caesura features a variety of prose, poetry and creative nonfiction and visual art pieces submitted by students. Caesura Editor Lauren Leuschner (sr) said the idea behind…

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  • Vanish

    I’m going to vanish any day It’s not a question of if But Of in what way Over time or in the blink of an eye? You’ll look for me, but I’ll be gone Call out my name, but in vain I’m preoccupied in blissful sigh And I’m going to move on To greater things…

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