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  • IWU revises media policy

    Indiana Wesleyan University students can now watch R-rated movies and play M-rated video games. But IWU Dean of Student Conduct Andrew Parker wants you to read past that sentence. "The intent behind it is not to say 'the R-rated movie policy's gone, the M-rated policy's gone, it's a free-for-all!'" Parker said Thursday in an exclusive…

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  • Rewriting the student handbook

    The 2013-2014 school year is well underway at Indiana Wesleyan University. But IWU has yet to release its annual Student Handbook, the 50+ page document detailing the school's community standards. According to the university's Dean of Student Conduct Andrew Parker, students should continue following last year’s handbook until the Student Development Office releases this year's…

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  • IWU Creep, reacts

    There’s yet another Indiana Wesleyan University-specific social media account. IWU Creep is an Instagram account dedicated to “creeping on” students at Indiana Wesleyan University. The anonymous figures who run the site take and post random pictures of IWU students. Usually, they add a humorous tagline, and sometimes the person is even tagged in the picture.…

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