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  • Carlye Arden: speaking Truth

    Carlye Arden: speaking Truth

    Anyone who attended the Gungor concert, Surge or chapel last week knows who Carlye Arden (so) is. But students may be confused on what she was actually doing. Spoken word, according to Arden, is “performance poetry.” The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s website says spoken word is “poetry written on a page but performed for an…

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  • Surrender

    An empty basket atop the currents – the pull of fate – I picture an empty cradle cast into the river discarded and forgotten. That is my feeling. A bird abreast the morning sky, a victor over Dawn- the tyrant of time- I picture a young blossom broke free of the soil conquerer of land…

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  • Vanish

    I’m going to vanish any day It’s not a question of if But Of in what way Over time or in the blink of an eye? You’ll look for me, but I’ll be gone Call out my name, but in vain I’m preoccupied in blissful sigh And I’m going to move on To greater things…

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  • A Christmas poem by Rev. Dr. Kyle Huckins

    Christmas comes but once a year, all about the single Savior we seek But deadline comes steadily once every week. From the front page to sports, A & E to opinion to features Lauren Sawyer directs each faithful Sojourn creature. Molly Meyer stands true to her task, managing by Sawyer’s side Taking each story idea…

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