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  • ‘College is what you make of it’

    These farewell editorials are supposed to be, I think, a platform for sappiness. Here I am, a senior, graduating in just a few weeks, with several underclassmen to take positions that I used to hold: “Good luck, underclassmen, Ben, Jeremy, blah, blah, blah.” I am proud of them; I’m excited for them. But this piece…

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  • A Redeemed cynic, class of 2012

    I think I’m supposed to say something inspiring here, something that causes thought and provokes discussion, in essence, a virtual “pat on the back” for not only the Institution that birthed my educational awakening, but also the students that will follow after me. This opinion piece will do neither of those things. Just so you’re…

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  • Senior exhibits showcase creativity

    At the end of each semester, an art show gives voice to student creativity, work and energy by allowing Indiana Wesleyan University students to demonstrate the culmination of their four years in the university’s art program. Art students opened doors to the 1920 Gallery, a banquet room in the Barnes Student Center and the lobby…

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