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  • IWU student body president election underway

    For the first time in two years, Indiana Wesleyan University will hold an election for Student Government Association President. SGA began planning for the 2014 Presidential Election in January. Two candidates are running for office: current Student Body President Tim Scurlock (jr) and SGA Social Sciences Student Representative Caleb Bowers (jr). The two are in the…

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  • SGA talks LGBTQ

    “There is a misconception that students who openly identify as part of the LGBTQ community are automatically dismissed from the institution or suspended, and that’s not true,” said Andrew Parker, dean of student conduct and community standards. The premise for Parker’s explanation: Indiana Wesleyan University’s Student Governement Association hosted an forum on homsexuality, Thursday Jan.…

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  • Meet Tim Scurlock, student body president

    When Tim Scurlock (jr) took over as Indiana Wesleyan University's student body president, he brought new ideas with him. Ideas he believes will equip IWU students to engage the world beyond campus. Scurlock, who ran unopposed and won the nomination this past year, said he's looking forward to representing students and continuing to look into…

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