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  • Residential halls to make major changes in fall 2015

    Bowman House will close as an undergraduate housing unit starting fall 2015, and Kem and Scripture Halls will swap, according to an email by Executive Vice President Keith Newman Jan. 14. The decision to repurpose Bowman, he wrote, was made to “[make] sure we that we are being good stewards of our space and budgets.”…

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  • Themed hall lives the Greek life

    A Greek residence hall may seem out of place at a University without fraternities and sororities, but for the men of South Hall, the 2010-2011 school year promises to be one of community and tradition, not parties. At Indiana Wesleyan University, the word traces the idea of mentoring back to its Greek roots. In Greek…

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  • 300 ‘warriors’ move into Greek-themed South Hall

    On Indiana Wesleyan University’s Marion, Ind., campus, 300 male incoming freshmen and returning students have moved into the newly completed South Hall Mentoring Complex for the first time. Modeled after its female counterpart North Hall Mentoring Complex, South operates its East and West sides as two separate residence halls: one side for freshman and the…

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