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Let me introduce you to … the wave

I remember when I was little and my family would head to Coveleski Stadium to watch our town’s minor league baseball team, the South Bend, Ind., Silverhawks.

I, being rather young, was completely uninterested in baseball or what was happening around me. I was always waiting for the Silverhawks to do something amazing so my favorite activity could take place.

If you guessed the funky chicken, you’re wrong.

It was the wave.

I lived for the wave. What kid didn’t love going to the ballpark or another sporting event and doing the wave? It was the coolest thing ever.

The thing about the wave is, you need people there to do it properly. Yes, there is a proper wave and a lame wave.

I’ll teach you.

A proper wave has full, energetic audience members who are not afraid to participate or get loud. A lame wave has two energetic people while everyone stares awkwardly, or even worse, there is no one present to even do the wave.

If you were wondering if my whole column was going to be about how to properly do the wave, you’d be wrong (although that would be a pretty sweet column).

I want to talk about crowd participation, and more specifically, actually getting crowds to the games.

Stay with me here. I feel really strongly about this which is why I’m hitting it hard early.

At Indiana Wesleyan University, we are truly blessed by all the sports teams we have. These teams have incredibly competitive games, long winning streaks and once-in-a-lifetime shots. And we don’t even have to pay to watch them. We have this opportunity to watch (for free) our friends and classmates score the winning goal, be the hardest hitter and putt the perfect game.

Why would we waste such a great opportunity?

I know everyone’s busy. I’m busy too. But isn’t yelling, screaming, cheering and being with your friends the best stress reliever known to man?

Remember, a proper wave needs energetic people.

Scratch that. A proper wave needs you.

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Let me introduce you to… myself

Well, here we are again. New year, new classes, new friends, new challenges.

I myself have been faced with quite a few new things: new living arrangements, new job, new responsibilities.

It’s all quite terrifying, but also incredibly exciting.

My name is Erin Alberding, and I have the privilege of being The Sojourn’s sports editor.

I have heavily followed sports my entire life. I have favorite teams that I will cheer for almost religiously (Chicago Bears, Butler Bulldogs), and there are teams I pretend don’t exist (New England Patriots, Duke Blue Devils).

Whether we agree on teams or not, one commonality obviously joins us, our love of sports.

So my fellow Indiana Wesleyan University students, make sure this isn’t just another column that you read and forget (or even worse, skip over completely). Let’s work together.

I want to write on interesting subjects that are relevant to you. So talk to me, email me, Facebook me, find me in Elder Hall or in the Barnes Student Center. I am always up for a rousing sports conversation or to listen to your ideas for articles.

Let’s be a team, IWU.

Was that too cheesy for a first column? I feel like it might be.

In all seriousness however, I don’t want this to be a section that gets skimmed over or ignored. The coaches and student athletes here work too hard to be disregarded.

So now I challenge you. Go to at least one sporting event this year (home games are free for IWU students, so don’t play the “I have no money” card). I know I’m going to plenty. Stop by and hang out, cheer on your classmates, the coaches, Wesley the Wildcat, everyone.

We are IWU and we need to be proud of it.

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The Wildcard: The last one

There’s just something about sports.

I’ve been following athletics closely since before I could do long division, and I still can’t quite figure it out. What is it about a bunch of people throwing around a ball in some manner that captures the hearts of millions? How can people become so invested in that ball-throwing or kicking activity through nothing more than watching it on television? Why do people quite literally dedicate their lives to these events even though so few make it?

Two conversations I’ve had stick out in my mind as the closest thing to an answer to those questions.

The first was with Brandon Beachy, former Indiana Wesleyan University baseball player and current rising star in Major League Baseball with the Atlanta Braves. Following his team’s untimely end to the 2011 season, I got a chance to talk with him on the phone. It had only been a short time since the season ended, but he told me he was already itching to get back to playing.

One thing Beachy said that surprised me was the fact that his offseason regimen started off with not even throwing a baseball for weeks, even months, on end. I caught him in the middle of this athletic abstinence. He said it was driving him crazy. I can only imagine it’s the same way for countless others with the same routine.

The second conversation was with current IWU student and former Wildcat volleyball standout Kelsey Masuda (sr). This talk happened in two parts: the first, shortly after her final season ended, and the second just weeks before she closes the book on college entirely. During both talks, one thing was evident: She still had the fire inside her to play. Whether it was four days or four months after her last dig, she still had that passion for the game.

It was easy to see in her, as well as Beachy, that athletics weren’t just something they did for fun or to pay the bills. Something deeper drives them to do what they do. Something inside them makes them want to sacrifice their bodies, time and energy for their sport. Both of them knew that they would miss their game because it was a part of them.

While I’ve never even so much as sniffed a high school junior varsity roster, I can relate to this idea in my own way.

I’ve been writing sports since I was 15 years old. As a high schooler working for my local newspaper, a staff writer for The Sojourn and now the sports editor for that same publication, it’s all I’ve known for as long as I can remember. Now that I’m moving on again, writing my last Wildcard, I’m finding that I still have that passion for sports that I did when I was 15.

Whether you’re an athlete, writer or just a die-hard fan of athletics, there will always come a time when you have to say goodbye to them in one way or another. As I’m finding out right now, typing these last few lines, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Some people don’t get it. Heck, I’m still not sure I fully know why. But for me, it’s OK to not have all the answers. It’s OK to sit back in amazement.

Because there’s just something about sports.

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Wildcats’ Jones out for season

George JonesGeorge Jones IV (jr) told The Sojourn on Thursday that he will miss the remainder of the men’s basketball season with a torn right Achilles tendon. The Indiana Wesleyan University guard had been enjoying a stellar season before going down with the injury in the second half of IWU’s 72-70 Tuesday win over Saint Francis.

The win was the Wildcats’ fifth in a row, moving the team into a tie for first place in the MCC with No. 5-ranked Grace College. Three games remain on IWU’s schedule before the MCC Tournament begins Feb. 22.

“George has been obviously a significant piece,” Wildcats coach Greg Tonagel said Wednesday, before learning the extent of the injury. “What it means is we need somebody else to step up until George is back. I think that’s what makes a team special is when the next guy up is ready and we’ve got guys that are ready and they’re going to get their opportunity.”

Jones said he will have surgery next week and wear a boot for six weeks

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