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The United Kingdom hosted a conference for its allies to discuss their future involvement in Libya on Tuesday. The conference occurred after the United States began transferring coalition operations over to NATO control. Sixteen countries have contributed assets to the coalition in order to limit the violence against Libyan civilians. The Arab League, African Union, and European Union have all said that Qadhafi’s regime has lost its legitimacy and the coalition has begun looking for ways to force Qadhafi to resign. The UK said that it will continue to push for an immediate ceasefire and that they will look for more diplomatic options.

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Officials fear that some new leaks may have contaminated soil and seawater near the damaged Fukushima plant. Traces of plutonium were found in the soil outside of the complex, which has been leaking for over two weeks. Even with the traces of heightened radioactivity, Japanese officials claim that there is still no threat to public health. Emergency crews found the leaks as they were pumping out hundreds of tons of contaminated water from the plant on Monday. The water must be pumped out of the various buildings before new wires can be laid in order to restart the cooling systems in the plant. Workers at Fukushima are still looking for safe ways to store the contaminated water.

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Mass protests broke out in Syria on Friday after several teenagers were arrested for writing anti-government graffiti on walls in Daraa. Security forces moved quickly to quell the uprising and opened fire in six locations across the country including Damascus, Syria’s capital. Human Rights Watch reports that more than 60 people have been killed since March 18 in the crackdown against protesters. President Bashar Assad has ruled the nation for the last 11 years and his family has controlled the country for the last four decades. The Syrian cabinet resigned Tuesday in an attempt to calm down protests in the capital. These resignations will not affect President Assad, who holds most of the power in the nation.

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