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  • IWU Kid’s Day 2013

    By Gabe Lindman Every year, the Student Activities Council invites the families of students to bring their younger children and experience a day at college. Saturday, Feb. 16, held yet another Kid’s Day at Indiana Wesleyan University. Kala Schulz (jr), member of SAC and overseer of Kid's Day, said the group sees it as an…

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  • Rebash videos explained

    Rebash received much praise from Indiana Wesleyan University students. “I loved it,” Jenna Geary (so) said. “I thought Rebash was so much fun,” Emily Steffen (so) added. But even in the midst of such laud, there were a few points of surprise. “They probably shouldn’t have played some music videos,” Geary said. “There was the…

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  • Rehashing Rebash

    Rebash — now one of the biggest events Student Activities Council hosts — has made significant strides since its birth 10 years ago to the product it is today. Indiana Wesleyan University’s annual re-celebration of the New Year looked quite different in its original form, but still maintains the concept with which it began. According…

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  • Film Society selection committee

    "Film Society is designed to challenge and encourage critical thinking among students," said Donna Pick, director of student activities. "The Film Society Committee itself, which promotes ideas, was originally created and developed by the Student Activities Council." The Film Society, which meets one Wednesday a month, has been growing in recent years, according to Donna…

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