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IWU Kid’s Day 2013

By Gabe Lindman

Every year, the Student Activities Council invites the families of students to bring their younger children and experience a day at college. Saturday, Feb. 16, held yet another Kid’s Day at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Kala Schulz (jr), member of SAC and overseer of Kid’s Day, said the group sees it as an opportunity for the children to come and “experience college and hang out with college kids.”

“It’s an opportunity for general fellowship among families. A lot of families meet one another from these events,” said Donna Delph, director of SAC.

Every year, leaders change the theme. This year they focused their attention on “The Lorax.” With its recent movie release, SAC formed many of the crafts and games around it.

“Each year, we pick something that goes along with the theme,” Delph explained. “This year we had them build Thneed-Ville, or a city and they were very creative.”

Delph said they always show a movie at the weekend. In the last four years, they also started doing a skit based around the theme in which many of the volunteers play a part.

SAC expected anywhere from 50 to 100 children to take part in Kid’s Day, and about 80 children showed up, according to Delph.

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Rebash videos explained

Rebash received much praise from Indiana Wesleyan University students.

“I loved it,” Jenna Geary (so) said.

“I thought Rebash was so much fun,” Emily Steffen (so) added.

But even in the midst of such laud, there were a few points of surprise.

“They probably shouldn’t have played some music videos,” Geary said.

“There was the Rihanna song, I think it was ‘We Fell in Love in a Hopeless Place,’” Steffen specified. “They’re smoking and doing drugs and having sex practically on the screen and [my roommate’s] like, ‘Uh, this should not be playing.’”

Although the students remarked that these were not huge concerns, as both Geary and Steffen said they didn’t really watch the screen, and actually forgot it was there most of the time, Donna Delph, Student Activities Council director, explained the situation.

Delph said SAC had requested a live cam so students could see themselves up on the screen, “which would have been really cool,” she said.

However, according to Delph, there was an Internet connection problem at the last minute, and the live cam didn’t work.

“That’s when the DJ supplemented with music videos,” Delph said.

Throughout the night, some music videos were stopped only part of the way through.

“The communication and the boundaries were stretched before we could get there and say: ‘Hey, think about this again. Think about where you are,’” Delph said.

“I know that things did slip by their attention,” said Lindsey Casebeer (sr), SAC student leader for Rebash, “which they were very good at getting through — even though it was a really busy room — they got through the room and fixed it as fast as they could.”

“They were really respectful about it and they apologized,” added Makenzie Dick (jr), SAC student leader for Rebash. “All in all, it’s hard to bring outside businesses and entertainment into our campus and our standards and expect them to just know. … Outside businesses, they do such a good job of abiding by our standard, but every so often there’s an unintentional glitch in the system.”

Although SAC has used this entertainment company for a number of years, this was the first year Rebash had the screen, and as with any new addition, there was risk involved.

“We try so hard to follow the guidelines of the university through student development for everything, and then my students all year long are working unbelievable hours to bring fun campus events to us,” Delph said. “Yeah, there were some glitches in the system, but we make strong efforts to learn from our mistakes each year and avoid them in the future.”

Along with the other planning that goes into Rebash, the songs themselves go through a rigorous process for approval. SAC compiles a list of the songs with lyrics, which is submitted to the dean of student conduct, Andrew Parker, who goes through the list and checks the lyrics. He then returns the list to SAC with the approved songs, according to Delph.

SAC tried something new this year in order for students to submit song requests themselves: The group had a link on Facebook that the DJ, Rob, allowed them to use. The submissions were considered by SAC and factored into the compilation of the official song request list.

“It’s a lot of work,” Dick said. But year after year, the dance continues to be more and more popular, as SAC continues to try new things for students’ enjoyment.

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Rehashing Rebash

Rebash — now one of the biggest events Student Activities Council hosts — has made significant strides since its birth 10 years ago to the product it is today. Indiana Wesleyan University’s annual re-celebration of the New Year looked quite different in its original form, but still maintains the concept with which it began.

According to the director of student activities, Donna Delph, who has been behind the scenes of Rebash for the last five years, Rebash originally started as a way for students to get together and celebrate in a way that they didn’t get to over break.

Originally, Delph said, there was black-and-white food at Rebash to go along with the formal black-and-white attire; and until two years ago, there was always a live band for the music, which no one was allowed to dance to until the no-dancing rule was dropped at the end of fall 2010 semester.

In 2010, there was also a giant game of musical chairs.

However, some traditions have stuck around: the beatboxing competition, the “swankiest dressed award,” the Commons location, the balloon drop with prizes, the formal black-and-white attire, the Resolution table, the red carpet and, of course, the countdown to midnight.

“We’ve listened to the student voice and molded it one way or another; we still listen to it,” said Delph. “We’re a campus that likes our traditions, so when we decide to change an event or alter it somehow, we take student opinion into account. And we appreciate that because it means that it really meant something to the student body.”

Students create their own Rebash traditions as well. The day after the event, students’ profile pictures show them decked out with their friends at Rebash. According to Delph, it’s a great photo opportunity on which students love to capitalize.

Some students even return for Rebash after graduating. Daniel Curtis (alumnus fall ‘12) returned for Rebash this year to carry on the tradition of going with friends.

“Then my friends and I always go to IHOP or Steak and Shake afterwards … whichever one is less packed,” said Curtis.

Through all the changes, Rebash and the traditions associated with it have maintained a special place in the hearts of IWU students.

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Film Society selection committee

“Film Society is designed to challenge and encourage critical thinking among students,” said Donna Pick, director of student activities. “The Film Society Committee itself, which promotes ideas, was originally created and developed by the Student Activities Council.”

The Film Society, which meets one Wednesday a month, has been growing in recent years, according to Donna Pick.

Pick said students, faculty and staff who regularly attended society meetings formed into a committee to have some input on the movies selected for screenings the following year.

Ideas are put forward, and a separate entity reviews them. The Movie Review committee is separate from the Globe Theatre, Film Society and the Film Society Committee.

“[It] is the safeguard that student development uses when they want to show a film that challenges our view of [the] world but involves a certain amount of violence or something that got it rated R,” said philosophy professor Steve Horst, a member on the committee, who noted that the Film Society uses the assistance of the movie review committee to determine whether or not the film is worth condoning.

Film Society members submitted ideas online to the movie review committee for review (prior to this semester’s March 16 deadline). The review committee has the responsibility of considering the ideas put forward.

Barnes Student Center manager Jim Taylor operates the Globe Theatre and works with the society to help them get the movies they want to see.

“For Film Society, I collaborate with Donna Pick on movie selection and make sure licensing agreements are met. Potential films are listed and sent for review to the movie review committee,” Taylor said.

If the ideas Film Society puts through get accepted, the Globe will have them available to watch and discuss afterward. The approved films are placed on the student activities calendar, then the Globe Theatre gets the licensing needed, Taylor said.

In April, Film Society Committee members present their top five movie choices to show the coming year.

“All of us discuss our vision and how we want it to look – do we want to play two war movies or just one horror movie? Do we want to play a silent movie or a documentary? Everyone gets together to defend their own movies,” Pick said. “It’s fun – you learn of movies you may have never heard of, and I get to meet with students that I might not normally get to meet.”

The Film Society itself meets once a month in the Globe Theatre at 7 p.m. on a Wednesday.

“Anybody’s welcome to come,” Pick said. “Since we’re part of student activities, we offer [services] to the student body.”

For more information, contact Donna Pick at donna.pick@indwes.edu, or submit your own movie idea via the reviewed movie list link on the Wildcat page.

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