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  • A weekend with the pros

    In the realm of sports media, working for ESPN is a dream for aspiring broadcasters, producers, journalists and many others. This stays a dream for most, but a select few receive the opportunity to work with one of the top sports networks. Indiana Wesleyan University student Matt Lippman (sr) is among the few. Lippman, a…

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  • Students fight sex trafficking

    In an effort to fight human trafficking, a nonprofit group collected donations to purchase bars of soap with the national trafficking hotline number on them to be placed in hotels in Indianapolis during the week of the Super Bowl, which took place Feb. 5. The money being raised was to be given to “Save Our…

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  • The Wildcard: the one with Jenn Goethel

    Not much can be said about the Super Bowl that hasn’t already been stated and restated ad absurdum. For Indiana locals, this year’s event was even more hyped than usual, as the big game was held in Indianapolis. As is custom, many of the biggest names in sports and entertainment were in attendance: Drew Brees,…

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