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  • Wildcat tennis focusing on future

    By: Jeremy Sharp & Brittney Holmberg The Indiana Wesleyan University Wildcats are picking up the rackets once again for the spring season. The second half of the schedule is in full swing for both the men’s and women’s teams, but it hasn’t gone as smoothly as either side would hope. After going 14-0 in the…

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  • Wildcat athletics look forward to next chance

    Early mornings can only be made better with the breakfast of champions: Frosted Flakes. Well, according to Brooks Ayers (jr), that is. Being part of the Indiana Wesleyan University men's tennis teams, Ayers knows all about being a champion. His freshman year, the team won conference. His sophomore year the Wildcats tied for second place…

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  • The Wilcard: the one with the presents

    Imagine a Christmas tree in the center of Indiana Wesleyan University. This tree has presents underneath it, but they are more or less metaphorical gifts given to different parts of IWU’s campus during the 2011 fall semester. There’s a package for food service and presents for the medical program and seminary (I guess you could…

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  • Women’s tennis maintains five-year streak

    The last time the Indiana Wesleyan University women’s tennis team lost a regular season match, “Forrest Gump” was winning Academy Awards, the iPod was merely a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye and this year’s freshman class was taking naps in preschool. Rachael Heiniger (fr) was just 3 years old in 1995, when her future team…

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