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The Women of Lockerbie mini review

Show: The Women of Lockerbie
Time: 7:30 p.m., April 12-14. Matinee April 14 at 2:00 p.m.
Place: Black Box Theater at the Phillippe Performing Arts Center
Cost: $6

On Dec. 21, 1988, a terrorist bomb blew up a commercial airplane en route from London to New York. There were 270 were killed in the attack: the 259 passengers aboard Pan Am 103, and 11 people on the ground from Lockerbie, Scotland.

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Theatre Guild production of “Women of Lockerbie” opens April 12. Set in the style of classic Greek tragedy, “Women of Lockerbie” is an emotion-driven, ensemble play, which focuses on the relationships among the people affected by the attack.

The play takes place seven years to the day after the bombing. Cody Konschak (sr) and Rachael Stuckey (so) play Bill and Madeline Livingston, parents of 20-year-old Adam, the man who was sitting in the seat above the bomb. The Livingstons have come to Lockerbie for the memorial, and both hope to receive closure on their son’s death. Emily Wyse (sr) plays Olive Allison. Allison leads the women of Lockerbie, Kendra Emmett (jr), Rachel Beckner (so) and Kim Barth (jr), as they try to obtain clothing of the victims to wash and return to the families. The people of Lockerbies are bitter and broken, and it is difficult for a young cast to capture the emotions of such weathered characters, but the feeling behind their stories comes through.

I saw the production during a preview, so all the kinks were not quite worked out, but it seems like the show could be one of the best of the Theatre Guild’s season.

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