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  • Ring by spring? Not so fast, say some IWU students

    Love is in the air, or so we’re led to believe. Each year on Feb. 14, many people from kids to adults exchange cards, candies, gifts and flowers for their special “valentine.” In recent years however, it seems Cupid has been taking his sweet time to shoot his arrows of love as Indiana Wesleyan University…

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  • Valentine’s Day weekend in Grant County

    Idyl Wyld Nothing says “adorably old-fashioned” quite like roller skating. Picture yourself circling the rink thousands of times, holding hands and laughing at how bad you’ve become at skating. When you need a break, there’s a full arcade to impress your significant other with ski ball skills and win a stuffed bear to forever commemorate…

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  • Edito[real]: It’s only February

    As the day dedicated to “coupledom” approaches, so do the sad looks given to those still classified as single. Apparently, the only way to be a respectable and happy human being is to be in a relationship, or so says all those who are in relationships. But, if you are of a certain age (20-plus)…

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  • The Fratzkes

    Dr. B.J. Fratzke’s office is spacious and open. One side is covered with windows, the other with books. Pictures of her husband and family hang above her desk. Her husband, Dr. Mike Fratzke, the division chair of human and health performance, is running late to the interview. B.J. Fratzke, the division chair of behavioral sciences,…

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