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Vanguard shocks Wildcats men’s soccer in shootout


Photo by Hannah Whelchel.

The No. 4 Indiana Wesleyan University men’s soccer team’s season came to a heartbreaking end as the Vanguard University Lions defeated the Wildcats 4-3 in a shootout after a scoreless draw in the NAIA National Championship opening round Saturday, Nov. 22.

Both teams came into the match on win streaks. The Lions had won six straight en route to a Golden State Athletic Conference Championship, while the Wildcats were riding a 17-game win streak into the contest.

It was a back-and-forth affair in the first half as both teams had quality chances for goals. The Wildcats dominated the shot total, though, outshooting the Lions nine to two with five shots on goal. Vanguard goalkeeper Brandon Gomez (fr) made some impressive saves to keep the game scoreless heading into halftime.

The Lions picked up their physicality in the second half, led by midfielder Brian Pautasso (sr). Pautasso was given a yellow card after arguing a foul call with the officials. IWU took eight more shots in the second half while Vanguard did not manage a single shot. Several Wildcats shots were inches away from finding the back of the net, but the score remained tied 0-0 after regulation.

Two overtimes were not enough to settle this game as both teams had several chances but could not score in the overtime periods. The game had to be settled by penalty kicks.

Tyrone Martin (sr) missed the first penalty shot for the Wildcats, followed by a goal from Juan Arellano (so) for the Lions. Keaton Albert (jr), Corey Lopez (jr) and Evan Young (so) matched the scores by goalkeeper Brandon Gomez (fr), Luke Kadillak (jr) and Jesus Fregoso (jr) for the Lions.

With the Wildcats down 4-3 in penalty kicks, Jacob Beerman (sr) missed his shot and Vanguard pulled off the upset.


Photo by Hannah Whelchel.

Interim Head Coach Joe Schulman said he told his team to keep their heads up despite the shocking loss.

“They’re rock stars for Christ and that’s the most important thing about life so [I told them to] keep pressing in and lead the campus,” Schulman said.

Schulman also praised the senior leadership of Dylan Bronkema, J.C. Mahaffey, Sam Kane, Martin, Beerman and Thomas Canfield.

“The seniors are tremendous,” Schulman said. “All of them.”

The Wildcats men’s soccer team finishes the season with a record of 18-2 and as Crossroads League Champions.

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Men’s basketball continues offensive success in rout of Judson

The 8-0 Indiana Wesleyan University men’s basketball team reached 100 points for the third straight game Tuesday, Nov. 18 in a resounding 104-71 victory over visiting Judson University (Ill.).

Zac Vandewater (sr) gets ready to shoot a three-point shot.

Zac Vandewater (sr) gets ready to shoot a three-point shot. // Photo taken by Becka Roth

The 0-7 Eagles started out the game firing from the three-point line and kept the score close early in the first half, at one point drawing to an 11-10 score in favor of the Wildcats.

However, IWU quickly squashed Judson’s hopes of an upset.

By midway through the opening period, the Wildcats had built a 34-17 lead, thanks to playmaking defense and an impressive transition offense attack. On the game, the Eagles turned the ball over 24 times to the Wildcats’ 11, which IWU used to its advantage on the fast break.

It was smooth sailing from then on for the Wildcats. At one point, the lead ballooned to 99-58 before both teams put in their reserves to finish the game.

Lane Mahurin (so) led the Wildcats with 19 points on an ultra-efficient 7-of-8 shooting from the field, and Josh Mawhorr (jr) and Bob Peters (so) added 17 and 16, respectively.

"Wesley the Third" was unveiled during halftime.

“Wesley the Third” was unveiled during halftime. // Photo taken by Jared Johnson

The primary setup man for IWU’s big point-scorers was point guard Jonny Marlin (jr), who dished out 10 assists. Despite playing over 23 minutes, Marlin did not attempt a single field goal in the game.

Wildcats Head Coach Greg Tonagel is pleased with how his team has treated its early-season schedule.

“Coming off of 40-point victories, it’s hard to have good practices,” Tonagel said. “But the team is working hard every day.”

At halftime, the athletic department unveiled a new costume for the school’s mascot, Wesley the Wildcat. The new outfit is the first one for the mascot since 1998.

The Wildcats take the court 7 p.m. next Tuesday, Nov. 25 at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Ind. The contest will be IWU’s first Crossroads League matchup of the season.

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Men’s soccer repeats as Crossroads League champions

Keaton Albert (jr) scored two goals for the Wildcats tonight. (photo by Lauren Dafoe)

Keaton Albert (jr) scored two goals for the Wildcats tonight. (photo by Lauren Dafoe)

The Indiana Wesleyan University men’s soccer team won their second straight Crossroads League Tournament Championship on Saturday, Nov. 15 by defeating Goshen College 3-0.

The Wildcats scored less than two minutes into the championship game as Keaton Albert (jr) announced his presence at Wildcat Field by scoring a goal with a header past Goshen College’s goalie Dean Nafziger (jr). Tyrone Martin (sr) assisted on the goal.

With eighteen minutes left in the first half, Albert was at it again with a sneaky shot that deflected off of a Goshen defender, raising the IWU lead to 2-0.

“The last two games, I didn’t get the results I was wanting,” Albert said. “I was overjoyed to pull this off for the team.”

IWU came out in the second half with exceptional energy. The Goshen defense struggled to keep up with the Wildcats’ offensive attack. IWU attempted eight shots while Goshen only attempted two.

Sam Kane (sr) scored the final goal of the night for the Wildcats. (photo by Lauren Dafoe)

Sam Kane (sr) scored the final goal of the night for the Wildcats. (photo by Lauren Dafoe)

Sam Kane (so) scored the final goal of the evening to make the score 3-0.

Interim Head Coach Joe Schulman said the team earned one of their season-long goals: a Crossroads League Championship.

“The guys battled hard and earned the win,” Schulman said. “We’ve put in a lot of hard work for months now.”

The Wildcats improve to 18-1-0 on the year and are ranked fifth in the latest NAIA national poll, the best ranking in team history.

The Crossroads League Championship secured the Wildcats’ place in the NAIA National Tournament. The team will play their first round game at Wildcat Field next Saturday, Nov. 22.

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Marlin and Mawhorr talk transfer experience

The Indiana Wesleyan University men’s basketball team added two transfer players to their roster this season. Jonny Marlin (jr) transferred from Indiana University and Josh Mawhorr (jr) transferred from Saint Xavier University (Ill.). Sports Editor Tim Tedeschi sat down with Jonny and Josh to find out more about their transfer experiences.

Tim: How did you end up choosing to transfer to IWU?

Jonny Marlin (jr) transferred from IU to IWU for this season. (Photo courtesy of iwuhoops.net)

Jonny Marlin (jr) transferred from IU to IWU for this season. (Photo courtesy of iwuhoops.net)

Jonny: When I left from IPFW my freshman year, I had lunch with Coach Clark, one of the assistants, and so that’s kind of how I heard most of the stuff about the program. When I got down to IU I knew that I had a few friends here, one of them being Sarah Richert (alumnus ’14) who now has graduated. So once I was a little unhappy with the things down at IU, I thought about where I could play basketball at and Sarah kind of was the one who put that voice in my head and things just kind of worked out from there.

Josh: I was unhappy with my previous school just with some things there, and I’m originally from Muncie so I’m familiar with the area and was familiar with the program. So after I let my former coach know I was going to transfer, I reached out to the coaching staff here and they got back to me and we kind of worked things out there. And beforehand there was a lot of prayer involved, you know? Just trying to figure out what’s the next step and what do I want to do and, you know, just after I reached out they greeted me with open arms. And I’m fortunate enough that there was room for them to have me and here I am today. So definitely a blessing just to be a part of such a special program.

Tim: What drew you to IWU?

Josh: I’ve always heard great things about Coach Tonagel and the coaching staff in general. I personally hadn’t experienced that, but just I think the reputation of the program, you know, not only the success on the court but what they stand for off the court. And then once I was able to get here and finally experience it, it was great to see and a big positive.

Jonny: They [the coaching staff] weren’t allowed to talk to me until I officially left from IU. And so I kind of knew that I wanted to go here just based on my conversations that I had with Coach Clark earlier, like two years ago actually. I came up on a visit and they didn’t even know that I was here. So I just looked around campus and I thought this was a pretty good fit for me.

Tim: What was your biggest reason for transferring?

Jonny: I think I just wanted a different culture. IWU has a pretty good reputation of being a Christian campus that really lives out their beliefs, and that’s something that was pretty attractive to me. They’ve had a lot of success in basketball too so that helps.

Tim: Was the actual transfer process difficult to navigate?

Jonny: It wasn’t too bad. I had to get like five copies of my transcripts. That was probably the most annoying thing, but no there wasn’t anything too difficult I’d say.

Josh: Luckily for me it was pretty easy. I kind of looked and did some research beforehand, so I kind of had a familiarity. But there are some, I guess, rules that can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know about them. I think for me, thankfully it went pretty smoothly. I’ve heard of others, my friends have transferred in college athletics and it’s been a three month battle with getting released. And you know eligibility requirements and all that stuff but luckily for me it was pretty smooth.

Josh Mawhorr (jr) transferred from St. Xavier (Ill.) to IWU for this season. (Photo courtesy of iwuhoops.net)

Josh Mawhorr (jr) transferred from St. Xavier (Ill.) to IWU for this season. (Photo courtesy of iwuhoops.net)

Tim: What has been the most rewarding part of transferring here to IWU?

Josh: Honestly I think it’s the brotherhood we established. It started in June with summer workouts and then the mission trip and then all these events. And I’ve only been here probably six, seven months, but I feel like I’ve been here my whole career. I think that shows on the court obviously we have some talent, but it’s the brotherhood that unites us and it’s just one big great family.

Jonny: It’s an unbelievably fun team to play on. We have a lot of talent. I mean it’s fun just to play the game. You know when I was at IU I got minutes, but it wasn’t a whole lot. And so it’s fun to play the game that I’ve put a lot of time into. But at the same time it’s a pretty neat experience being around solid dudes that probably care about you more spiritually than what you do on the court.

Tim: What has the most challenging part been for you?

Jonny: There’s a lot of new terms as far as basketball goes. So as far as basketball is concerned, I would say knowing what their terminology is and getting adjusted to that.

Josh: There’s subtle differences, whether it’s academically or just getting used to a new coaching staff, new players, just subtle differences I think anyone would experience. But nothing that’s major or caused me a lot of stress or difficulty.

Tim: What are your goals for the season?

Jonny: First and foremost is to win a national championship. Individual stats, I think they come and individual accolades will come, but I think first you have to win as a team. So I’m not real concerned about what I do individually. Just whatever I have to do to make our team win.

Josh: I think as a team just to grow together each day, whether it’s practice or a game. And I mean what they accomplished last year I think that’s the goal this year: to get back to the national championship and bring home another ring. So there’s a lot of work to be done before that but in that process it’s just getting better each day and enjoying it.

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