Watlington takes second shot at student body president


Camron Watlington (jr) and James Deffenbaugh (jr) are contending for the 2017-2018 Indiana Wesleyan University student body president title.

Watlington is an economics, political science/pre-law major and his running mate, Jennifer Lee (jr), is a business administration, political science/pre-law major. Watlington has had a year of experience in Student Government Association serving as the division representative of Social Sciences and was the president of College Republicans while Lee served as the secretary of College Republicans.

Watlington and Lee chose the motto “Think Big” because they believe expanding the mission of IWU into the world takes big ideas.

This is Watlington’s second participation in the SGA presidential campaign. Last year, he ran against current SGA president Cameron Yoder (sr) and lost.

Watlington hopes voters will see the experience and dedication he has put in over the last year.

“Last year when I lost, I listened to what people told me I did wrong, so over the past year I went and I did those things.” Watlington said. “I learned from those failures, I’ve bounced back and I want voters to know that I am here once again to ask for their vote with confidence— that if we stand together, we can actually accomplish these big ideas.”

Watlington and Lee’s slogan for this year’s campaign is “Think Big.”

“If we don’t think big now and just stick with the status quo, then nothing is ever going to change,” Watlington said. “We have to be able to think of something bigger than ourselves that will be here much longer after we leave. I want everyone to know that SGA is a place where, if they have a ministry or something that God is calling them to do, this is the place where that can happen—your ideas aren’t too big.”

Watlington and Lee plan to make SGA more accessible by tearing down the wall that separates SGA from the student body.

Watlington and Lee’s first step as SGA president and vice president will be tearing down the SGA office wall.

One of Watlington’s goals as student body president is to make SGA more accessible to students. The first step for him is to physically tear down the wall that separates SGA from the student body.

“We want to make SGA fully accessible, including representatives, and become more visibly present on campus— that’s why I hate that wall so much.” Watlington said. “It seems symbolic of what has happened to SGA over the years, SGA just stays in that office secluded. We want SGA to be a part of the pulse of campus.”

Watlington and Lee’s campaign can be found on Facebook as @thinkbig. A detailed list of their goals as the next IWU president and vice president can be found here.

The two presidential candidates will face off in an official debate Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Barnes Student Center commons.

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